$100,000 in Scholarships Offered to Students by CRF Board

Industry Shortages Prompt Board Decision

News Bulletin, Scottsdale, AZ:  CEO and Co-Founder Louis Silberman announced this week that the Board of Clinical Research Fastrack will be offering scholarships to its students in the amount of $100,000 for the 2016 academic year.  This will provide bright students, interested in entering the career of clinical research, a significant opportunity to jump into the multi-billion dollar research industry.

Louis Silberman was quoted in saying, “We want to fill these positions and bring in new talent to our industry. Now is the time to train a whole new cohort of Clinical Research Coordinators.  With so many clinical trials going on and current coordinators moving up into roles with more responsibility, we need to train and hire new coordinators to fill these vacant entry level positions.”

“We want to fill these positions and bring in new talent to our industry.”  Louis Silberman, CEO Clinical Research Fastrack

Clinical Research Fastrack developed a bootcamp training program for just this purpose.  Unlike any other college or degree program in research, Clinical Research Fastrack has designed a short program tailored to starting in a role in this industry.  The 5-week intensive program teaches students the foundation they need to start out as a Clinical Research Coordinator.  While other programs can take nine months or even two years, Clinical Research Fastrack has created a comprehensive course that prepares students to start working after just one month.  The course covers everything from the informed consent process to GCP Guidelines to data management and protecting the rights of patients.

“We are thrilled to support this industry.  The scholarship program will allow us to enroll the best and brightest students, regardless of their socio-economic status.” says Silberman.  “Our instructors are passionate, successful, professionals.  They are working at some of the top research institutions in the country.  My hope is not only that we train new talent… but that we build a research community that will ultimately find the cures that save lives and improve how we live”

To find out more about Clinical Research Fastrack and their scholarship program please fill in the form below or contact them at 800-610-3171.

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