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My Series: The Day My Vision Went Dark

Clinical Research Fastrack’s own Zach Shaw tells his story about how clinical research has affected his life. The End of My Career When I was 14-years-old, I was a tall, scrawny, 130-pound high school freshman. But to better illustrate my frame back then, I had grown accustomed to the nicknames of “Mr. Lanky”, or “Beanpole.” … Read more

Honor at Home

Clinical research is working every day to provide a better homecoming filled with health and happiness to our veterans. National Medal of Honor Day   Today, March 25, is a Sunday. This day recognizes the 3,517 individuals that have “distinguished themselves through conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of life above and beyond the call … Read more

Career Expert Says Fastrack Provides the Foundation You Need!

Hear from CJ Anderson, President of Finding Pharma, discuss why Clinical Research Fastrack is the best way to start a clinical research career! CJ Anderson Discusses Starting Careers in Clinical Research CJ Anderson moved five years ago from Omaha, Nebraska to Scottsdale, Arizona. He made the 1,200 mile journey with the mission to fill a … Read more

A Step Towards an Alzheimer’s Solution

Clinical research is moving us closer to an Alzheimer’s cure every day! Alzheimer’s: An Illness Felt by All We all know how heartbreaking Alzheimer’s Disease is. The stories grip our souls, and leave us wishing for a day where this disease no longer existed. According to It kills more Americans than breast and prostate … Read more

Clinical Research Circles The Globe

Clinical research has made an impact in every corner of the world! Clinical Research Circles The Globe Remember hearing the ghost stories about polio? It took the life of a U.S. President. In 1952 alone, over 60,000 children were diagnosed. Three thousand died, and thousands more were left paralyzed. Two years later, a potential vaccine … Read more