Clinical Research Fastrack

A Healthier World Through DNA

Deoxyribonucleic Acid provides the roadmap to all human function, and holds the answers to medicine’s greatest questions. Listen to our Director of Outreach and Engagement, Jeannie Farnsworth, speak about how clinical research is improving lives with our own DNA

Our Health, Our Cure

Personalized treatments are being developed and tested by clinical research, and the results are going to change our world. A Hard Road and a Hard Decision My grandma is 88-years-old. She often sits in her sky blue rocking chair. Covered in a hand knitted-afghan, while being accompanied by a small space heater at her feet. She … Read more

My Series: A Christmas to Remember

Clinical Research Fastrack’s own Maddie Clark tells her story about how clinical research has affected her family’s life. The Broad Reach of Epilepsy Epilepsy has started to appear in the news more and more recently. Cannabis oils are now being used to manage seizures and as the use of Cannabis is legalized, this treatment is … Read more