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6:00 - 8:30 PM

16100 71st St. Suite 120
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Clinical Cocktails

Enjoy drinks, appetizers, and win prizes at this informational event about about career opportunities in the field of clinical research! This text block is longer and would provide space to mention more about the location, or any industry professional that might be attending. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nunc interdum lacinia tortor, a ultrices nulla. Vestibulum dapibus dolor a lectus maximus, non volutpat dolor lacinia. Cras quis magna tempor ante dignissim semper. Vestibulum aliquet mi non consectetur consectetur. Curabitur tincidunt nisl sed leo maximus feugiat.

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Why join us?

  • Enjoy FREE Wine & Hors D’oeuvres!
  • Hear from active Industry professionals
  • Learn how to get hired in this $165 billion industry!
  • Win prizes & thousands in scholarships!

Clinical Research is changing our world! Join a $100 billion_+ industry

Clinical Research is the future

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  • Over 70,000 open jobs currently in the U.S.
  • Be research-ready in 1 month’s time
  • 200,000+ trials currently registered in the country
  • Job promotion and growth can happen quickly
  • New treatments and therapies are being approved for all types of diseases and conditions
  • Clinical researchers have high job satisfaction
"I can suggest you go ahead and do it as soon as you can because this is the best thing that will ever happen to you."


"One of the things I really loved about this program was all of the networking and opportunities that I got to meet all of the teachers who are leaders in their industry."