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More Fastrack Graduates Share Their Experience on our Bootcamp Training Program

“I’ve decided that clinical research is my passion, and I loved the training! The hands-on experience – you can’t really put a price or a value on it!”

Cristie, December 2017 Graduate

“This is an amazing opportunity… when I was originally looking for an opportunity to train I didn’t have this!”

Selwyn, December 2017 Graduate

“I am just so excited! Nothing like it in the whole country! I’m just ready to go out with a bang and tell the whole world about it. We’ve learned so much knowledge in such a short time!”

Boma, December 2017 Graduate

“Over the last week I’ve learned in-depth about studies and opportunities that are in this field, and I look forward to this next opportunity and adventure in my life!”

Nancy, December 2017 Graduate

“The teachers, every day, the instructors were absolutely fabulous. We has a vast array of all types of instructors, and every one of them, I must say, were totally fabulous. I would recommend this class to anyone!”

Betsy, December 2017 Graduate

“I just spent the last 8 days in Clinical Research Fastrack program in Arizona. It was AWESOME! I am ready to jumpstart my career in clinical research!”

Suzetka, December 2017 Graduate

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“It’s been wonderful! So much knowledge… I am so confident to work with any medical practitioner right now!”

Elizabeth, November 2017 Graduate

“Wow! Clinical Research Fastrack – I recommend it for you! I was a different person coming into this class… it was a transforming moment!”

Adenike, November 2017 Graduate

“I LOVE this new profession. The staff and lecturers were fantastic! If you want to… see how you can help people, and encourage subjects doing the trials, this is for you!”

Sue, November 2017 Graduate

“The course is incredible! I come from 23 years of healthcare experience, and the progression into clinical research is in-depth. Everyone makes it easy to understand, and I feel ready to go out, start my internship, and work in clinical research!”

Leah, November 2017 Graduate

“This course is a phenomenal course! Great trainers – you will thoroughly be entertained in a wealth of knowledge!”

Yoshiko, October 2017 Graduate

“I love it here! I’ve learned all of the skills I need to join the workforce. Not only that, but I’ve made amazing friends and connections to help me with my future career.”

Yasmine, October 2017 Graduate

“I already referred my friend!”

Yeshimebet, October 2017 Graduate

“I have really liked this training, I have really learned a lot! I’m sure this will land me in a great business.”

Mesfin, October 2017 Graduate

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Students Love their Clinical Research Fastrack Experience!

“I’m excited – It’s been inspiring! These people who are the teachers are great! I think I’m ready, and it’s all because of them!”

Paula, October 2017 Graduate

“Hi David,
Thank you very much for everything you, Lauren and everyone in the Fastrack team did for all of us. I really enjoyed the course, the attitude, the spirit, the positivity and knowledge of all of you. I did not think that a one week course would have gave me all the knowledge and confidence to start my journey in the clinical research setting. I was wrong.. I know there is a lot more to learn but I am ready to start. Thank you again.

Carmelina, October 2017 Graduate

“The Clinical Research Fastrack program was very great, very informative, and I look forward to being in the industry!”

Desmond, October 2017 Graduate

“I really enjoyed my week with Clinical Research Fastrack. It’s been great, I’ve learned so much. I would so recommend this to anyone and everyone!”

Lizzie, October 2017 Graduate

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“Clinical Research Fastrack rocks!!”

Diamond, October 2017 Graduate

“Just this 1 week i’ve been with Clinical Research Fastrack – it’s an awesome program! It changed my mind… I’m going FULLY into research now!”

Kelechi, October 2017 Graduate

“Clinical Research Fastrack was the best thing since sliced bread!”

Latonya, October 2017 Graduate

“These guys are splendid, awesome! And they know what they’re talking about!

Ajay, July 2017 Graduate

“We had different instructors that were really great every day! I loved the fact that I found out more about the industry, the positions, and I’m really glad I took this opportunity. Thank you!”

Stacy, August 2017 Graduate

“I just went through this fantastic program, Clinical Research Fastrack. I learned so much ,and feel like I am so prepared to begin new career in clinical research! So if you are interested you should definitely join!”

Taleka, October 2017 Graduate

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“I recommend this course to anyone who is wanting to start an exciting career in Clinical Research”

David, September 2017 Graduate

“Take this courses – Change your life!”

Erin, September 2017 Graduate

“This is a dynamic industry, and I’m so excited to get started! Clincial Research Fastrack has given me a footstep into this industry!”

Christiana, September 2017 Graduate

“I LOVED this experience! The instructors are so fun and knowledgable, my classmates are great and I can’t wait to work with them as we enter the industry… I feel so prepared to get started, and that’s all thanks to this wonderful, amazing program!”

Jasmine, September 2017 Graduate

“I have met some wonderful teachers here that have helped me through the program, and I feel like I’m ready!

Chimene, June 2017 Graduate

“I really enjoyed the class… all of the instructors have made it very interactive, hands-on, and very fun to learn! I really appreciate it, it’s been a privilege to be in the class!”

Lisa, September 2017 Graduate

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“I absolutely recommend this program! If you want to get into clinical research and know all the aspects about it, then enroll and start the program now!”

Stephanie, June 2017 Graduate

“It’s been awesome being in class! I get to listen to great people who are already in the field!”

Jimmy, June 2017 Graduate

“They have people from the industry coming in to talk to you and teach the class. I’ve learned a lot more than I probably have at my university!”

Alyson, August 2017 Graduate

“I’m very excited to be going into this field”

Margo, May 2017 Graduate

“Clinical Research Fastrack is on point! I had a great first day at my internship. Kaitlyn was great! She gave me hands on experience on an EDC system generating a subject research number, entering subject medical history information, and responding to queries. I also got to double check an ICF, and put a subject file together among other things. I think I’m going to love the next two weeks!”

Adelaide, August 2017 Graduate

“The structure of this program is incredible…”

Temitope, December 2016 Graduate

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“I’ve enjoyed my time at Clinical Research Fastrack, getting to know all of the instructors, and getting to know that there are so many caring people in this industry.”

Leslie, August 2017 Graduate

“I enjoyed this program because it was so much learning! I am excited about all the things that are happening in research and how I can be a part of that!”

Anastasia, June 2017 Graduate

“It’s been a great experience, thank you…”

Sandy, June 2016 Graduate

“It’s been an absolutely incredible experience! The instructors are from all areas of clinical research. They make the learning easy and fun!”

Tori, August 2017 Graduate

“I am walking out of here with the confidence to go in and be a clinical research coordinator!

Theresa, June 2017 Graduate

“I had an amazing experience at Clinical Research Fastrack!”

Tanya, March 2017 Graduate

“The course was rigorous, the staff was great and the teachers were great.”

Nelson, April 2017 Graduate

“I am a career changer and this class will allow me to immediately walk into this field and be successful.”

Chris, April 2017 Student

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“The class is incredibly informative, come prepared to learn.”

Ayanle, April 2017 Graduate

“The 8 days of intensive training has been awesome!”

Joyce, April 2017 Graduate

“This class has given me the tools to become a clinical research coordinator.”

Ebenezer, March 2017 Graduate

“This program is so good. It helps you get into the industry.”

David, December 2016 Graduate

“Amazing training!”

Dr. Majekodunmi, December 2016 Graduate

“I made amazing connections at Clinical Research Fastrack!”

-Alexis, March 2017 Graduate

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