I heard some colleges have courses that can take 9 months or more. How can I get better training in just 4 weeks?

Unlike universities, at Clinical Research Fastrack we do one thing: train clinical researchers. We condense what colleges deliver in 9-12 months into several weeks of intensive classroom training* and online training. One key element of the Fastrack program is that all our instructors are active professionals in the field of clinical research. As a result, the Clinical Research Fastrack course offers students a much more realistic and comprehensive skill set. We also pair every student with a career mentor, who provides coaching, interview training, and assistance with industry networking, to help our graduates connect with research sites and get hired in rewarding careers more quickly. To learn more about our courses, please call 602-883-7944 and speak with an admissions representative.

*The 8-day classroom training is currently being held via Zoom due to COVID-19 regulations.