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Overview of Fastrack Training

Our comprehensive 16-hour Principal Investigator (PI) training will equip you (your practice and/or your hospital) with the fundamental building blocks to serve as a lead investigator in a clinical trial as well as introduce clinical research to your practice. Clinical research is a highly regulated and monitored field. Proper training in ICH GCP and FDA regulations is essential to your success in this industry. Clinical research differs from standard of care in several important ways so we will also teach you how to follow a clinical research protocol and evaluate your clinical research participants. Our training will also provide you insights into clinical trial operations. We will teach you how to get your first trial as a PI, how to introduce this new component to your existing practice, and how you and your patients will benefit dramatically from clinical research as you grow professionally.

Our comprehensive two-day 15 hour curriculum includes the following topics:

Study Conduct, Clinical Trial Monitoring, Audits and Inspections, Clinical Trial Operations, Budgets and Contracts, Building Your Clinical Trials, Team Business Development
ICH GCP, FDA Regulations, Clinical Research Protocol, Study Documents, Investigator Responsibilities, Responsibilities of Study Staff and Key Players, Informed Consent


Benefits to Your Practice and Your Patients

Contribute to the Future of Medicine The research being conducted today becomes tomorrow’s life-changing and life-saving treatments. Imagine contributing to the cure or prevention of diseases that plague your patients.

Access to Cutting Edge Care Your patients will have access to brand new cutting edge treatments that cannot be prescribed. It is only through clinical trials that your patients can receive this type of care and treatment without cost to them.

Increase Revenue to Your Practice Adding clinical research to your practice can introduce a significant new revenue stream without the hassle of insurance.  Clinical trials sponsored by pharmaceutical companies typically pay from $50,000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars for each trial.  Practices that run trials often have 5-10 trials running simultaneously bringing nearly a million dollars in additional revenue to the practice.

Acquire New Skills Through participation in clinical trials, you can learn new skills that can help you advance your career. You can also keep up-to-date on the newest treatments being developed which will allow you to treat your patients with the most cutting edge options.

Enhance your CV Adding clinical trials to your CV is quite valuable in the workplace and for the advancement of your career. If interested, opportunities to author manuscripts and present at meetings could also be available.

Be a Leader in the medical community through your contributions to the future of medicine by working on innovative and cutting edge trials.

For Information on Upcoming Classes, Contact Us Here!

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Why Clinical Research Fastrack?

Clinical Research Fastrack is an innovative training leader in the clinical research industry. Our team of experts leverage scientific discovery and support our clients to succeed in a dynamic healthcare environment.  Automation, mobile computing, social media, robotics, biotechnology and genomic research are changing the way we live and work.  Clinical Research Fastrack is an organization that strongly values personal human interaction and tradition while we nimbly embrace modern disruptive technologies to improve the way we perform research.  Our team opens up research opportunities to new communities and contributes meaningfully to practices running trials allowing them to thrive.

Site Level Solutions to Successfully Add Clinical Research to Your Practice

Our team is available to help you add a successful research component to your practice. The experts at Clinical Research Fastrack can work with your existing practice to add hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional revenue. Beyond training we will support and advise you as needed to help you win new trials, develop your team of clinical research coordinators, regulatory personnel, and research administrators. A typical practice is not equipped to instantly introduce clinical research into their existing infrastructure but Clinical Research Fastrack will provide the training and support to prepare your entire staff to ensure success. Without the right training and support many practices have trouble getting started in research. Clinical Research Fastrack offers site level solutions to support a practice every step of the way.

Who We Are

Clinical Research Fastrack is made up of talented and experienced pioneers in research and in bootcamp training.  Our combined and diverse knowledge in conjunction with our extensive connections in the industry allows us to bring proven experience and innovative best practices to our trainees and clients.

Below are a few biographies of some of our key members of our team.

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Meet Your PI Training Team

Clinical Research Fastrack is made up of talented and experienced pioneers in research and in bootcamp training. Our combined and diverse knowledge in conjunction with our extensive connections in the industry allows us to bring proven experience and innovative best practices to our trainees and clients.

Sergio Guerrero, MD

Dr. Guerrero holds more than 20 years of experience in the clinical and medical research domain developing, managing, and coordinating activities related to multinational and multi-institutional clinical trials for the US and International biopharmaceutical/CRO/SMO industry. He has practical knowledge of many regional clinical research practices regulations, the Good Clinical Practices (GCP), Code of Ethics, and most current regulatory environment related to research in the US (FDA), Europe (EMA), and Latin America.

He has long-term experience working as a director of an international clinical research center in a hospital setting where he has been responsible for managing a multi-specialty investigator network within the hospital in most therapeutic areas including endocrinology, dermatology, oncology, infectious disease, neurology, hematology, pediatrics, cardiovascular, and autoimmune diseases for drugs/biologics/medical devices. He has also served as the director of a clinical research center, where he was able to build a 32 bed phase I clinical research unit for Bioequivalence and Bioavailability studies in accordance with US FDA guidelines, the ICH/GCP guidelines and local regulations. He was Regional Director of Latin American for a CRO based in Raleigh, North Carolina managing clinical teams and medical researchers of multinational clinical trials. He was also Director of a Site Management Organization (SMO) for the establishment of a local multi institutional research group and the administration of clinical trials;

He has been a key contributor to medical conferences and sits on several boards such as the Drug Information Association (DIA) in the US, and other international organizations that helps promote global training and professional development. He is presently a faculty member of the University of San Diego California and Utrecht University in Netherlands for the annual Clinical Research Certification and Clinical Trial Administration Programs, and other USA training consortia. He also serves as a scientific advisor and consultant in areas related to new local and international entities involved in the development of investigational new drugs, biologics and medical devices.

Dr. Guerrero Received his Doctor of Medicine degree from the School of Medicine of the Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez in Juarez, Mexico. He initiated his medical research career in Bethesda, MD (USA) participating in the organ/tissue transplant research technology development where he was responsible for coordinating and managing the operation according to the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration of the United States.

Lauren Ballina, MS, CCRP

Lauren Ballina is the National Program Director at Clinical Research Fastrack. In this capacity, Lauren has played a key role in preparing professionals from around the United States to work in research roles. She has been responsible for developing innovative and inspiring online and in-classroom curriculum to engage her students and deepen their comprehension of the fundamentals of clinical research. She has led courses and training seminars from coast to coast and takes great joy in seeing her former students now successfully running trials at sites and CROs around the United States. Lauren is a Pittsburgh native who graduated with a degree in Psychology and Latin from the University of South Carolina. She later earned her Masters of Biomedical Science from Midwestern University. She has several years of experience as a study coordinator, working on both clinical trials as well as longitudinal observational studies. She has worked on both academic and industry-sponsored studies and has experience with study design, protocol development, study start-up, data collection and analysis, and publication. She served as a SoCRA-certified Clinical Research Coordinator at The Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, AZ before taking the position of National Program Director at Clinical Research Fastrack. She is excited to have a leadership position with this growing team where she can help educate new individuals entering clinical research.

David Silberman, MPH, CEO

David Silberman is the CEO and Founder of Clinical Research Fastrack and a seasoned health education entrepreneur who has created and operated educational programs and non-profit organizations in Arizona, Texas, New York, Georgia and California. He also actively volunteers in his local community. David has the unique ability to develop strong organizations and construct vibrant communities. At Clinical Research Fastrack his focus is on offering an engaging and innovative support and training, delivered by a team of experts who serve as passionate and knowledgeable instructors and advisors to his clients. David’s philosophy around training and business is that through inspired collaboration, ethical practice, hard work and constant growth and learning we are able to achieve outsized results and rewarding outcomes. As a founder of National Laser Institute, he built it into the largest medical aesthetics training center in the United States. Before founding National Laser and Clinical Research Fastrack, David held leadership positions at educational non-profit organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area. He earned his BA in Politics from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and a Master’s Degree in Public Health from University of California, Los Angeles. As a volunteer, one of his most challenging and rewarding roles was as a member of the parent teacher organization at his children’s elementary school. His work was ultimately honored by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors for helping improve the greening and beauty of local community. He also helped transform the school into one of the most sought after elementary schools in San Francisco.

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