Clinical Research Fastrack

Seun O.

Well, I am going to tell my little story so you all can relate. I was looking for opportunities in the Clinical Research industry here in the US based on my Public Health background and had been applying and interviewing for about a year with absolutely no success. Close to the end of 2020, I was completely frustrated and decided to give it a break. However, I came across an advert about Clinical Research Fastrack on Instagram and was very skeptical at first. Eventually, I decided to give it a try after I did some research into the company. The program was intensive and engaging and I gained additional knowledge and skills in Research and networking. Barely a month after my training, I interviewed and secured a job as a Project Manager on a clinical trial and I am completely overjoyed. I am so GLAD that I stumbled on that advert and made the decision to enroll in the program. From the first call with my course advisor to the training itself, career coaching, and lessons on how to navigate the Clinical Research Industry, this program has been nothing short of PHENOMENAL!!! A very special THANK YOU to David Schillne, David Silberman, Lauren Stockwell, Jamaica Cundiff and the facilitators!! You are all my heroes! Thank you for the resume reviews, for getting on zoom with me and for the career coaching and tips. Clinical Research Fastrack program is legitimate and will change your life forever. It changed mine! Give them a try in case you are still wondering.