Clinical Research Fastrack

Traci L.

The Clinical Research FastTrack program gave me the tools and credentials I needed to enter and be successful in the world of clinical research. The program absolutely prepared me for a career in the research industry. Everything we learned during our independent study, rigorous coursework, and post study training I have encountered and used. As a graduate of the program, I felt prepared and confident to begin any role within this challenging industry. The entire staff is extremely experienced and well known within the field. The guest lecturers we learned from are top research professionals with years of experience in every area of clinical research. During my enrollment, I was paired with an experienced mentor that truly cared about my career goals. I received career advice, professional development, and life coaching specific to me and my career. I had an interview for my first job before the end of the program. I received multiple job offers before accepting a position at a nationally accredited top tier research institution. I started the program in January and I was working in the field by March.
By far one of the best decisions I have ever made in my professional life was enrolling in this program.