Hear From Our Students

Fastrack Graduates Now Working in Research Share Their Success!

Alfred, Clinical Studies Manager, Celerion, Tempe, AZ

“I wanted to join this program because I liked how the teachers were actually people who were working in the field, not just people who were lecturing in it!”

Alisha, Clinical Research Coordinator at Clinical Research Rock Hill, Charlotte, NC

“I feel EMPOWERED to take over clinical research as a coordinator! If you have not made up your mind to come to this program, don’t sit any longer – you’re doing yourself a disservice… You want to be sitting in the next seat!”

Jennifer, Clinical Studies Administrator at AstraZeneca, Wilmington, DE

“As a graduate from Clinical Research Fastrack I am delighted to share with you that I landed a position at AstraZeneca a huge pharmaceutical company. An opportunity never I thought was possible. Thank you for the program and support from day one!”

Susan, Clinical Research Coordinator at Tekton Research, Austin, TX

“The networking opportunities with the course instructors and the director of the program actually helped me land my first job as a CRC, and I’m so excited to begin my career in clinical research! I highly recommend this program, and I am so thankful for all the support that Clinical Research Fastrack has provided me in my endeavors.”

Edgar, Clinical Research Coordinator, Arizona Arthritis and Rheumatology, Phoenix, AZ

“Clinical Research Fastrack has really given me the foundation to start in the clinical research field!”

Nicole, Clinical Research Coordinator at Clinical Trial Advantage, Tampa Bay, FL

“We had different teachers every day! Network, network, network – They really care about us!”

Hannah, Clinical Research Specialist at  – Center for Neurosciences, Tucson, AZ

“There was the AH-HA moment where it all came together, and knew this is what I wanted to do!”

Natie, Clinical Research Coordinator at Accent Clinical Trials, Las Vegas, NV

“I have to say, the amount of support that you get from this team and the organizers of this program has been absolutely fantastic… I’m ready to go out into the field and make very good use of my knowledge!”

Liz, Research Assistant at Clinical Research Consortium, Tempe, AZ

“Clinical Research Fastrack gave me a great background on the knowledge I needed with all the courses here. They also gave me the drive and the passion, and the asking of why I wanted to do this. They gave me the great self-confidence to actually pursue asking for a job!” 

Carline, Clinical Research Coordinator at Syneos Health, Atlanta, GA

“I spent this AWESOME week learning from Clinical Research Fastrack on how to be a clinical research coordinator. I’m looking forward to getting a job in this new industry, and I’m excited for my future!”

Chelsie, Clinical Research Coordinator at Arizona Oncology, Phoenix, AZ

“The staff here is absolutely amazing and they have a great passion for clinical research! I’m looking forward to applying all of the knowledge I learned in the field of clinical research.”

Etienne, Regulatory Document Specialist at CPC Clinical Research, Aurora, CO

“[Clinical Research Fastrack] is awesome, energizing, incredible! Do you want to do clinical research and love people? Come to CRF – it’s a great program. I loved it, I enjoyed it!”

Pam, Program Coordinator at The University of Arizona Health Sciences, Phoenix, AZ

“I found [the class] really beneficial. I’m really looking forward to becoming a part of the clinical research field!”

SJ, Clinical Research Coordinator at Keystone Clinical Research, Austin, TX

“It’s been a great week!”

Carlos, Clinical Research Coordinator at HonorHealth, Scottsdale, AZ

“I can finally be a part of research. I can finally be a part of changing the future of medicine, and I can have an impact in everyone!”

Bridget, Clinical Research Coordinator at Synexus Research, Omaha, NE

“I have had an incredible experience, and enjoyed every minute of it!”

Mary, Clinical Data Specialist at Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX

“I just finished the Clinical Research Fastrack program, and I am so excited because I just landed my first job as a clinical research coordinator!”

Maggie, Clinical Research Coordinator at Synexus, Phoenix, AZ

“I liked that Clinical Research Fastrack offered a network of connections. They offer actual people that are working in the field so you get to make that connection and add them on LinkedIn… [they] really work with you.” 

Sheri, Clinical Research Coordinator and Project Manager at Indiana Clinical Trials Center, P.C., Plainfield, IN

“My week here at Clinical Research Fastrack has been awesome, and I would recommend it to anyone!”

Austin, Clinical Research Coordinator at Children’s Hospital of Colorado, Aurora, CO

“I loved the hands-on training, the information, the instructors – it’s all really useful. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone!”

“I was able to make this happen with Fastrack’s training and the networking opportunity from the internship at Synexus.”

Amy, Clinical Research Assistant at Synexus, Phoenix, AZ

“I can’t even say how much I’ve learned in these 8 days! It has been such a great experience, the teachers, the way the class is structured, everything is set up to make you succeed.” 

Rizwana, Clinical Research Coordinator at Sleep Therapy Research Center, San Antonio, TX

“I love it! The instructors and the whole staff are awesome!” 

Sofia, Clinical Research Coordinator at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA

“It was amazing. I learned so, so, so much… two different companies called me, and now I have a job as a CRC for preclinical trials! I’m super happy, super excited, and I think part of my success has to do with Clinical Research Fastrack.” 

Tracy, Clinical Research Assistant at Georgia Institute for Clinical Research, Marietta, GA

“Though it’s very intense, you do retain the information learned. I also like that I got to meet knowledgable professors and peers!”

Alberto, Clinical Research Assistant at The California Institute of Renal Research, San Diego, CA

“Clinical Research Fastrack was an enjoyable experience for me… I would definitely refer this to a friend or a colleague for them to experience what I did.”

Katelyn, Research Regulatory Affairs Coordinator at Banner Medical, Phoenix, AZ

“I love this program. It’s absolutely incredible. Everything you learn, all the people you meet, the instructors, the classmates – I’ve made so many connections in the field already, and it’s only day 8!”

Cassady, Clinical Research Coordinator at Jean Brown Associates, Salt Lake City, UT

“I would recommend Clinical Research Fastrack to anyone. It teaches you so much and it really prepares you to get into the clinical research field!”

Claudgeana, Clinical Research Coordinator at GI Associates, Jackson, MS

“Now I’m in a GREAT career where the sky truly is the limit! Special thanks to David and Louis Silberman, Lauren, Rachel, and the entire staff at Clinical Research Fastrack. I love you guys!”

Brenda, Clinical Study Manager at Celerion, Phoenix, AZ

“The classwork and the online portion, as well as hearing from and learning about the instructors, has really prepared me to enter the field of clinical research!”

Sarah is Starting a New Job!

Sarah, Clinical Research Nurse at The Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale, AZ – August 2017 graduate

“I just wanted to write and say that it was such a pleasure getting to know your amazing Clinical Research Fastrack team! Your program has exceeded my expectations, and I’m so thankful to have been a part of it! It is so incredible how visible and involved the founders, David & Louis, are in your company! That really speaks volumes to your business!  You really have developed a great company and it was such an honor to be part of something so special!”

“Because of Clinical Research Fastrack, I will be starting my new job at Mayo Clinic at the beginning of August! Thank you so much, I appreciate all you’ve done!”

Claire, Clinical Research Assistant at The Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale, AZ

“After graduation I enrolled in the Fastrack program, and I am so glad I did! Not only did program provide comprehensive learning material, but, as a student, you really get exposed to great resources! I really feel that the program helped me transition confidently into my new role.”

Victoria, Clinical Research Coordinator at DiscoveResearch, Temple, TX

“CRF is without a doubt, hands-down an incredible institution! They helped me before, during , and after my journey of landing my dream job!”

“They will help you get your dream job, and be successful at your dream job! It took me 1 week after the end of the program and ending my internship to land my job at DiscoveResearch!”

Jamaica, Clinical Research Coordinator at Aventiv, Phoenix, AZ

“I loved the course! I learned a whole bunch of information. The instructors were great!

“Once I graduated, within a week I scored an interview, I landed the job, and now I’m working as a clinical research coordinator in the field and I’m so excited!”

Mariah, Clinical Research Coordinator, Phoenix, AZ

“I just finished up the Clinical Research Fastrack in-class course. I’m really looking forward to my internship!” 

Donelly, Research Coordinator at Baylor Scott & White Health, Arlington, TX

“The reason I embarked on Clinical Research Fastrack is because I know they’ll give me a big stepping-stone to what I’m going to pursue in my future!”

Angela, Clinical Research Coordinator at 21st Century Neurology, Phoenix, AZ

“I’ve really enjoyed all the instructors and their different knowledge and backgrounds, and how it’s really been able to help me understand this industry and this field. I’m very excited to continue to learn more and to pursue a career in this industry!”

Amy's Success Story

Amy, Clinical Research Scientist at PRA Health Science, Phoenix, AZ

“I start my new job on Monday, and am very excited! I cannot imagine how difficult it would have been to succeed in this new role without the training I received over the past four and a half weeks at the Clinical Research Fastrack program!”

“After taking the class I feel prepared to walk into any research organization and begin working as a coordinator. The course has been amazing.  This is the best thing I could have done for myself. The internship was great and I maintain that attending this course was the best thing I could have done for myself this year!”

“Just completed the in-class CRC training with Clinical Research Fastrack. Not all training is created equal. The extent to which training can influence learning, behavious change, performance, and productivity depends largely on how it has been designed and delivered. In this training, a number of instructors from prominent research organizations bring their experience to the participant. Clinical Research Fastrack is an effective training program that provides multiple opportunities to practice the skills learned in class with complementary online and internship placement in research organizations conducting a clinical trial. It also provides support in career advancement and foreseeable opportunity for job placement. Special thanks to Lauren Ballina and David Silberman.”

Mesfin, Atlanta, GA

Linda, Data Quality Manager at Synexus, Phoenix, AZ

“I loved Fastrack! It challenges you and pushes you to your limits – it’s an amazing program!”

Jovee, Research Assistant at MD First – Brain and Spine Center AZ, Chandler, AZ

“This is exactly what I was looking for to get my foot in the door in clinical research… [I am learning] from professionals that are currently working in the field, providing real life experience.”

Jessica, Clinical Research Coordinator at Parkhurst NuVision, San Antonio, TX

“I’m here at Clinical Research Fastrack because I wanted to learn more about clinical trials, and it has been an amazing experience!”

Myah, Clinical Research Coordinator, Denver, CO

“I loved Clinical Research Fastrack! I learned a lot, and was really excited that I didn’t have to take another two years for school!”

Ashley, Clinical Research Coordinator, Dallas, TX

“This experience has been great because I’ve learned so much about how to better myself in this career! I would absolutely recommend this to a friend.”

Denise, Clinical Research Coordinator at MedPharmics, Phoenix, AZ

“The instructors are very diverse from different populations, also different companies. They brought a lot of knowledge to the course, and also had lots of Q&A’s in order to inquire as to what they did day-to-day…”

Ritesh, Clinical Research Coordinator at Atlanta Heart Specialists, Atlanta, GA

“The instructors there are really friendly, professional – and the best thing about them is that they love to teach!”

Amy, Clinical Research Coordinator, San Antonio, TX

“A big thank you to Clinical Research Fastrack for the solid foundational training provided that has enabled this opportunity for my new career path into Clinical Research. I was hired right out of my internship and everything I’ve seen so far in my new job was taught in depth to me during that amazing boot camp in Scottsdale.”

Cody, Clinical Research Assistant at The Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale, AZ

“The program helped me land a job within a month!”

Navid, Director of Clinical Research Operations at Oklahoma Heart Hospital, Oklahoma City, OK

“Congratulations, David and Team for launching Clinical Fastrack. As a beneficiary of the collective experience of the Fastrack faculty, I can vouch for its usefulness. It may be the only program out there where you can double your output in half the time. Best Wishes to you and your team. Keep up the good work.”

Zoe, Clinical Research Coordinator, Phoenix, AZ

“Thank you very much David! I’ve learned a lot from the program… I couldn’t get the job without you and your team. Again, thank you very much!”

“I recommend that everyone should join this course if you’re interested in this field!

Nancy, now a Rater for Clinical Research, Denver, CO

“It’s absolutely the best way to start a second career in clinical research! I am so happy I found this program!”

Rob, Clinical Research Nurse at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Phoenix, AZ

“It’s been an amazing experience and now I am ready for the perfect career.

Kim, Clinical Research Data Manager, Dallas, TX

“It’s amazing, action packed…”

Erica, Enrollment Specialist at Synexus Clinical Research, Phoenix, AZ

“An incredible diversity of people, ages, backgrounds, life experiences…check it out.”

Michelle, Clinical Research Coordinator, Phoenix, AZ

“We actually had a different teacher every day so we learned about everyone’s different experience in the field!

Sam, Clinical Research Assistant at Radiant Research, Denver, CO

“It was a great opportunity!”

“Hi David,
Thank you very much for everything you, Lauren and everyone in the Fastrack team did for all of us. I really enjoyed the course, the attitude, the spirit, the positivity and knowledge of all of you. I did not think that a one week course would have gave me all the knowledge and confidence to start my journey in the clinical research setting. I was wrong.. I know there is a lot more to learn but I am ready to start. Thank you again.

Carmelina, Atlanta, GA

Daneva, Clinical Research Coordinator at DocTrials, Phoenix, AZ

“I would recommend Fastrack to anyone interested in research opportunities!”

Kathleen, Clinical Research Assistant at California Center for Sleep Disorders, Las Angeles, CA

“I think the Clinical Research Fastrack program is awesome! It’s fast and awesome – I love it!”

Kemi, Clinical Research Coordinator, Las Vegas, NV

“I have found the class very beneficial. It’s amazing that in one week I have been able to acquire so much knowledge.”

Deundrea, Clinical Research Coordinator, Phoenix, AZ

“This is more than I ever could have asked for.  I just completed the training and I already have an amazing job offer!  This is awesome.  My instructors hired me right out of class. I will be working as a CRC at Radiant Research and starting right after I finish my externship.  This is beyond anything I could have imagined.  It is unfolding so fast.”

Parisa, Clinical Research Coordinator, Dallas, TX

“I am so blessed to meet great people. I am at Dallas Medical Center and work with a Chiropractor and a Pathologist. I love my job because I am in both fields, medical and research!”

Sylvie, Clinical Research Coordinator at Jean Brown Research Center, Salt Lake City, UT

“The thing I like the most is the motivation you get from all the instructors.”

Tanya, Clinical Research Scientist at BioMarin Pharmaceutical, Novato, CA

“Clinical Research Fastrack is the perfect mix of training and experience and I have loved it. I feel like I am ready for my first job in clinical research.

Humaira, Clinical Research Coordinator, Dallas, TX

“The classes are going great, it is everything that I thought of and then some! Really enjoyed learning from all the instructors that came by, the inside knowledge and real world examples that they provided was exactly what I was hoping to learn from them. I came to this session not knowing a lot about the day to day workings of clinical research, but after taking these classes I feel like I am ready to be a successful clinical research professional.”

Arteveld, Senior Clinical Research Coordinator at Jean Brown Research Center, Salt Lake City, UT

“Thank you SO VERY MUCH. You have offered me a Life Changing Opportunity. You will be blessed along with the whole team. You have helped brighten my future.”

Akhilesh, Clinical Research Laboratory Manager

“I believe this is the right course for me to help me in my career and is right for any person who wants to work on clinical trials.”

Gina, Clinical Research Coordinator

“I had three interviews today… Phoenix Medical asked me a bunch of questions that I knew the answers to because of Fastrack. She was surprised by how much I knew and said most people she interviews do not know the answers even after they’ve been in the industry for years.”

Desmond is now a Research Quality Coordinator/Site Manager at MD Anderson in Houston, TX.

Alexis is a Clinical Research Coordinator at Urgent Care Clinical Trials in Dallas, TX

Temilola expresses her amazing experience she had in her Clinical Research Fastrack Program. She is now a Clinical Research Coordinator at Baylor Scott and White in Dallas, TX.

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