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Hear what former graduates from all backgrounds have to say about their training
experience at Clinical Research Fastrack.

I want to send my sincere thank you to the entire team at Clinical Research Fastrack. Your dedication and constant support to our class was amazing. I went into this course with no specific expectations of what it would be like, and I was blown away with the classroom experience. With all of my new education, it is now clear to me why I was not the best candidate for jobs I have previously applied to. I have also learned that I was not presenting myself and the skills I bring effectively. These realizations are an important step in the growth I have and need to continue making for success in this industry. I know that I still have a lot of work to do but I feel encouraged and hopeful about the future. I wish you all the very best and I hope you too pursue the goals and dreams of your own lives.

Celina M.

Fastrack is exceptional and amazing. To be honest I never expected this high quality support and training from all the Instructors. This is more than just training. I think its the drive to see someone getting better and getting what he/she desires. Thank you David and Team.


Lauren!!! I'm reading my first protocol to prep for my first SIV next week! My manager and team are amazing and I already am loving this job 🙂 I did a ton of online trainings these past two weeks and honestly CRF was a better / much more engaging way for me to learn all this stuff and have it actually stick. Just wanted to send my many thanks to you and the CRF team again

Lauren T-W.

Hello David and Julia, I trust all is well and more people are getting enrolled in clinical trials training to make the world a better place! I am currently in Rwanda where I am contributing to shape the national clinical research enterprise, and I have to say I am so glad I took the CRC course. The Clinical Research Fast Track helped me understand how the industry functions and with further reading, I am able to provide informed guidance to the national team enhancing the clinical trials environment/ecosystem. This note is to thank you and may be if need arise, I may reach out for support in local training! Kind regards, Kathy

Kathy K.

Had an amazing experience with fastrack. The boot camp was very engrossing. The speakers each one of them were so much full of motivation and openness to share their experiences. All in all a very good programme to be in.

Anita S.

An outstanding Clinical Research Training experience! I am an IMG and was wondering on how I could grow my career within the U.S. with my previous medical experience. Throughout this course I gained confidence about my medical knowledge and learned different ways that I can be a great asset within the Research Community. The interactive classes were absolutely empowering. You get the chance to give your intake about different topics. There was always a positive energy throughout the entire course. Besides gaining knowledge about how clinical trials are conducted I but also gained an amazing mentorship that helped me out to obtain an amazing position within the Clinical Research community.

Ruth F.

I really recommend Clinical Research Fastrack to anyone who is trying to get into clinical research and do not know where to start. I have been applying for entry level jobs in research for the past two years, getting interviews but couldn't ace them because I did not know the lingo of clinical research. This gives you a broad overview and will prepare you for those interviews! The team is amazing, they are so very kind and are there for you every step of the way!

Aayushi S.

The best decision i ever made was enrolling with Clinical Research fastrack. As a Graduate nurse, my wish is to move forward into a fulfilling career that will allow me improve on my skills and applicable knowledge.Clinical Research gave me the require foundation to start working confidently in the field as Clinical Research Analyst. what stood out to me ,was the dedication, commitment and positive learning environment as well as insightful guidance from all the instructors. CRF is the best!

Bunmi A.

Being a graduate of Clinical Research Fastrack changed my career trajectory to a better direction. I love the team's dynamic, love for one another, and the constant support they pour out to their students. I'm thrilled to have been part of it. They introduced me to Clinical Research, and I did not regret this process one bit. I recommend someone do it and watch your life transform for the better.

Rhode B.

Clinical Research Fastrack provides with a strong fundamental knowledge about the field. The staff is extremely helpful and caring. The industry professionals who are the class instructors provide very practical knowledge about the field. The classroom exercises gives a hands on learning experience. Highly recommend Clinical Research Fastrack if you are looking to crack into clinical research.

Kavitha C.

Clinical research fastrack change my life, they open my eyes into the world of research, the training was intense but worth it the teachers were amazing and they were able to prepare me to face my future thank you all.

Suzel K.

I learned a lot for Fastrack, and though it took sometime, connections between a Fastrack mentor and my current company, got me this job. The connections you get from this training may be more important that the training itself as there is a lot to learn even after it, but because of Fastrack, I am currently a Clinical Budget Associate helping trials get off the ground

Alexander M.

Thank you Fastrack for such a wonderful training which enabled me to enter the industry. That was not only trainig but also mentoring, career coaching and much more. Hope you all success to help others who are interested in clinical research.

Sofia H.

My background is primarily preclinical research, and this program helped me gain the foundations of clinical research. Getting a job in the clinical research field is hard, but if you are willing to put in the work and follow your mentor’s advice, I recommend it!

Tania R.

I found Clinical Research Fastrack and knew after reading their reviews and talking with a member of their recruitment team I knew it would be a good fit. If you put everything into the program and make connections with presenters throughout, it is absolutely well worth the money and time. I was hired as a Research Assistant a month after completing the program and promoted to a Clinical Research Coordinator within 2 months on the job. If you are dedicated and motivated to obtain a career in the clinical research field, I highly recommend this program!

Sydney D.

Clinical Research Fastrack is one of the best decisions I could have made for my career. As a Registered Nurse I wanted to enter into the research field but had no idea how. CRF not only taught me thoroughly about the concepts involved in the clinical research field, but also helped in my job search, conducted interview training, and also helped me complete a strong resume that grasped employers attention. CRF has truly become family and set me up for success! Hands down, one of the best life choices I have made!

Paris W

Clinical Research Fastrack provides necessary training and knowledge needed to get into the field of Clinical Research. Training was by seasoned industry leaders in Clinical Research who are available for mentorship and necessary help for one to get into the industry.

Lucy M

Going into the Fastrack program I was scared but by the end of the week I felt like I learned so much more than clinical research.

Juwon O.

I just wanted to thank you for this program. It's absolutely incredible and I feel like I'm learning so much and everyone is so positive and helpful and wants us to succeed. It truly is life changing!

Morgan W.

The insights and guidance have been truly valuable for me and the mentorship has inspired me to strive for excellence in my career goal. Thank you for your support and I genuinely appreciate the kindness and concern.

Nitesh A.

I wanted to share that I have now built my career in clinical research and I am now a CRA-l at Fortrea. It all started with the Fastrack program in 2018!

Eutropia M.

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the exceptional facilitation during our recent online class. The dedication, expertise, and commitment to fostering a positive learning environment truly stood out to me. Initially, I must admit, I approached the class with some reservations. However, the insightful guidance and the collective enthusiasm displayed by the entire Fastrack team have ignited a newfound passion for research within me. The genuine care exhibited for both the subject matter and the success of each participant has been truly inspiring. I have gained a fresh perspective on the possibilities that a career in research can offer. The unwavering support and the engaging discussions during the class have convinced me that pursuing research could be a fulfilling and exciting path for my future. As I reflect on this experience, I can't help but envision the potential of contributing to a team as dynamic and passionate as Fastrack. The team's dedication to research and the development of aspiring professionals is evident and resonates deeply with my own aspirations Once again, thank you for providing me with this invaluable opportunity and for instilling in me a renewed sense of enthusiasm for research. I look forward to the possibility of crossing paths again and perhaps exploring potential avenues where my skills and passion might align with the remarkable work being done at Fastrack.

Jonathan H.

I just finished the program and it is the best decision I ever made in my life. I am super excited to get started. Thank you Clinical Research Fastrack!

Jessica H.

Thank you for your help over the course of last week. I’m happy to have met Fastrack - so positive and kind. 

Miatta O

I want to thank our entire class, each one of you individually.  Thanks to all our knowledgeable instructors ready to help.


Thank you all so much.This all came from seeing how amazing you all are! I have been in San Antonio for two years now and I have been struggling so much… I missed being in contact with people I could relate to. I wanted a friend and found a whole family! I am so grateful to have been here in this May class.

Daniela A.

You guys are Amazing and do such a great job! Thank You Clinical Research Fastrack for your guidance and professionalism. It has been an honor and a privilege to have worked alongside this amazing team!

Jany L. P.

Currently in Clinical Research Fastrack class, you guys rock in instruction!!

Penni G.

I could not have done it without your help and kindness. I wanna say a very big "thank you" for holding my hands and never let go. Thank you for being a great mentor and for always being there when I needed you - I will keep in touch, and keep you posted with my progress at the new job. Sending you hugs  all the way from Virginia.


Thank you so much to the Clinical Research Fastrack team for believing in us.

Chioma M.

Thank You Clinical Research Fastrack for your guidance and professionalism. It has been an honor and a privilege to have worked alongside this amazing team!

Jany L. P.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn with Fastrack! Your knowledge and experience has been so amazing to hear about. This course is so important and such a great way for us to move forward into a fulfilling career that’s so difficult to move into! I wish I had known about this before I graduated, I would’ve been here much sooner! I think we don’t consider clinical research as much in undergrad or in school but we absolutely should! Thank you so much again!

Amanda P.

Great training program with full of energy and passion in Clinical Research. The best opportunity happened in my life!!! Thank you to David Silberman and the whole Fastrack team!

Batsuren C.

Best investment ever, Clinical Research Fastrack gave me the required foundation to start confidently working in the field as a Clinical Research Coordinator. I have been a Clinical Research Associate for the last 2 years and can't be prouder of my beginnings and teaching-family at Fastrack. Wishing you and the newly graduated all the best!

Enitt R.

I appreciate your patience with me when I was applying to the program. Owe you a huge thank you. This program is unlike anything l've taken. Thank you!!

Nickolaus C.

As a current student in the Clinical Research program, I would like to express my appreciation for your positive impact on our class. Your caring attitude towards your students is evident and greatly appreciated. Your advice about the importance of attitude is invaluable, and you are a fantastic role model for us all. Thank you for all that you do, and I am looking forward to the remainder of the week with enthusiasm.

Jacquelyn L.

Feeling a little burned out at the bedside, I just started scrolling on my phone for different things and found you guys on Tik Tok. I decided to take a leap of faith, and I'm excited. I think it's really going to open a lot of doors.

Zuadh L.

The quality of the instructors has been awesome. Thank you for the great job that you do; please keep doing it. You don't realize the number of lives you are touching.

Olakunle O.

I told people that I was going to do this and they started to put things in my ear like, it's too difficult to change careers your age. The very first day I came into this class all that self-doubt just immediately went away. I've enjoyed this entire class and just wanted to say that this has probably been the best experience that I've had. 

Londa H.

I thoroughly enjoyed every single day of this course. The sense of community alone has been so amazing. Everyone was always there to help out and make sure I had a wonderful experience. The amount of information that I was able to receive in such a short time, I'm completely impressed, and I feel very prepared. 

Saba S.

I'm super excited that I finished and am ready to achieve all that I have imagined for myself. I'm glad I took this step for myself.

Dr. Swati C.

I'm very grateful that I was able to do this program. Our instructors, Lorraine and Janelle, my mentor were amazing. I also want to say congratulation to all of my colleagues. See you at the top! 

Mercy O.

I just want to say thank you to all of you. I've learned so much and went from being really nervous to feeling more confident with what I know. I'm looking forward to being a part of this industry for a long time.

Melissa M.

 I learned more than I could have imagined. We had awesome instructs and speakers. I'm excited to work with my mentor Lauren and see where everything goes.

Jenna W.

I just want to say thank you to everyone on the team. I'm excited, and I can't wait to start.

Helen F.

I really enjoyed every minute of the lectures. I'm also grateful to all my instructors here and for everything you have done for us. I really don't have words to describe how great this opportunity to grow was with Clinical Research Fastrack. 

Keyur P.

The classes are very well organized. I really appreciate it. They were very well-informed and  the excellent speakers blew me away. They were always very motivational, positive, as well as empowering.

Rajesh P.

I am very grateful for the training. This 80-hour training session would have been so tiring but the passion that Clinical Research Fastrack brought echoed through all the participants and definitely helped to keep me energized and motivated. The entire experience during this training has confirmed my interest in clinical research.

Walters C.

Before taking Clinical Research Fastrack, I did not know what I was doing. But now I can confidently say that I do know what I am doing. Thank you so much!

Titilola M.

I am so happy, I eventually did it. You all have been so great to me and always encouraged to push us forward. I really enjoyed every bit of the class. I am fully prepared for the world of Clinical Research. 

Nosayaba U.

I am grateful for this decision. Thank you for your patience and understanding. This class was so helpful, thank you!

Deysi F.

I am ready to launch into the world of Clinical Research. I have grown a lot. I am so thankful that I have made this decision. 

Ngozi M.

I’m so grateful for all the Clinical Research Fastrack staff. You were always there for us, answering all our questions and problems. This class has been so fun. 

Kelechi I.

I’m so excited and I’m so thankful because you have me hope, and you all gave me a future!

Judit V.

I am super excited. Kinda nervous of what’s to come. But I’m super excited!

Abari E.

I just feel so much more confident in my path, not just now, but taking this skills and applying it 20-30 years down the line. 

Vikram S.

I never had that time to invest in myself and look beyond what I actually wanted to do. Clinical Research Fastrack has definitely unlocked that part of my life, where I see where I want to be. You bring so much to this industry for new comers like us. I really appreciate that so much. 

Nafsun A.

I want to thank all of you for your continued support. While David was my official mentor, each one of you offered invaluable advice. Knowing I had you all in my corner to support me helped me on days when I felt overwhelmed. I am so impressed with everyone. The professional, patient and positive culture you have created is apparent in all your interactions.

Janine M.

I am happy to report that I am finding my way into the APEX CRA program and growing day by day. The fundamentals that I learned last year with Fastrack have made the transition much smoother. I wanted to reach out to say thank you! 

Myesha J.

I want to thank the entire Clinical Research Fastrack team so very much for the past week. I did not only get a certificate to build my career but I gained some very important life values that money cannot buy. I was very amazed at the structure of the training. I have had classroom education but none compared to what I received at clinical research Fastrack. — I am now so confident in myself and I know my worth. I just want to let you know that you are changing lives in ways that you cannot even imagine. Please continue with the great job you are doing. The instructors were all amazing. Thank you very much, God bless you all.

Eunice O.

You have gone above and beyond to help me. Thank you for getting me through obstacles and having confidence in my capabilities. I’m very grateful for your words of encouragement and belief in my ability to get where I expected to go. 

Ola O.

On behalf of all students, thank you to the fantastic team at Clinical Research Fastrack. You have transformed us in ways that we cannot even imagine. Your team is phenomenal, and you are impacting the world of Clinical Research. Thank you so much once again. We appreciate you!

Eunice J.

I sincerely can’t thank you enough! All of the advice you gave me I took it and used it. I honestly would not have been ready for this interview if I had not attended. I’d love to talk and tell you more about this position and why it’s so exciting.

Londa H.

I couldn’t be happier and more grateful! This is a very important moment in my life and I have Clinical Research Fastrack to thank for this achievement! I can't believe that after so much study and perseverance I have achieved this and I have a job offer! I am so happy and grateful to you all that this happened! Thank you and the whole CRF team! Thanks for everything!

Judit V.

Money can’t buy the knowledge I gained from Clinical Research Fastrack.

Akeem A.

Thank you so much for everything. What I have learned in the last week is life-changing… I am confident and ready to take my place in research. Everyone has been great! I appreciate you all. Thank you and everyone on the team. This program is Heaven-sent!

Abena O.

The people here are amazing. I wouldn't be here without you guys, to be honest.

Amjad K.

I wanted to give you an update. I was just offered a position as a Clinical Research Associate with ICON. Wouldn't be where I am without the team at Clinical Research Fastrack!

Anisa R.

Just wanted to give you an update on my new job. I really like it here… I’ll be having my own study soon. Pretty excited! Thank you again for all your support!

Shashi M.

Clinical Research Fastrack sets their student up for great success in this industry.

Dustin W.

So thankful to have been a part of Clinical Research Fastrack, they are the best in preparing you for the industry. Amazing team!!!

Gbemisola A.

Thank you to the Clinical Research Fastrack team. I wouldn't be able to do it without you guys.

Rhode B.

I will be grateful every day for the rest of my life for the confidence and hope you all have given me…the connections I made in class gave me a reason to wake up grateful every day. Thank you!

Jessica H.

It's beautiful here in Dallas, I look forward to my new position with LabCorp. Thank you for all your help and support.

Moji C.

I am grateful for everything I've learned in class and for everyone I have met. If it weren’t for Clinical Research Fastrack, I wouldn’t be where I am! The future is so bright. Thank you and it’s been a pleasure meeting you all!

Jenna W.

Clinical Research Fastrack is one of the best things that have happened to me. Thank you for the opportunity!

Nkechi A.

I'm so incredibly grateful for CRF and all of the guidance and knowledge I received from the program. If not for that program I have no idea how my life would be right now. I will be promoted to CRA 2 and working on oncology studies next month. I knew when my intuition guided me here so I could attend the program. It was the right move. Thank you!!

Andrea B.

I just want to thank you guys for everything and for helping me succeed. I love my job, I have a great team. Great peers who want me to do well and want me to be successful. Thank you again!

Amiad K.

I accepted the job! The interview went well. They asked me many behavioral questions, and most of them were the questions I went over during class. The interviewers also knew about Clinical Research Fastrack and told me they see more people from the program applying. I am grateful for all your help this past month (in class and professionally). So I want to say thank you!

Emmanuel A. II

Just want to thank you so much to Clinical Research Fastrack for the boost. This past week was simply awesome with the mentorship, coaching, and everything you taught us about Clinical Research.

Tonye A.

Thank you for everything you have done for us in class. Your enthusiasm was definitely palpable and the lectures were invaluable.

Jackie B., MSN

Yeah, I give it to Clinical Research Fastrack. Very intensive, full, engaging, and real. The training meets ALL the 8 standards required by the CDC. Come if you are new! Come if you need to be re-trained!! Come if you are not confident yet!!! I attended this program and graduated confidently.

Mayowa A.

I am still basking in the euphoria of the past week's class. It was an opportunity to meet with great people and learn from the very best in the industry.


I got the job at the Veterans hospital in Long Beach! It was my first interview and they liked me. I’m so happy about this opportunity! Thank you for everything! I’m so grateful for your help and everything. Fastrack was one of the best courses I ever had.

Daniele J.

Today is my first official day in the clinic and it's going great so far! I feel like I actually know the information they are talking about and it just feels really nice to have the understanding and knowledge that you gave before I stepped into the Clinic. Thank you so much for all of your time and dedication to us during class. I learned so much from all of you and I can’t wait to take what I have learned into the field. You all are amazing and I appreciate you so much.

Veronica R.

You've truly made such a positive impact on me and my mindset about clinical research

Safa S.

Thank you for sending these resumes over! We extended the offer to Jordan. She represented Clinical Research Fastrack BEAUTIFULLY! The PI she will be working with has been doing clinical research for over 20 years and is not easy to impress. She did a great job using clinical research terminology and demonstrating knowledge of the field as a whole even with limited hands-on experience. The position was posted as a Clinical Research Assistant, but extended to her as a CRC! That's how much of an impression she made.

Lucia R.


I am thank you! Thanks to your team I am now a global project manager after being a project coordinator and it has been amazing!

Niti P.

Got the job offer today! Thank you so much! I'm so happy I chose to do the Clinical Research Fastrack program. I couldn't have done it without all their support! Seriously, I am nowhere near the person I was at the beginning of September. I'm so blessed!

Jordan H.

The last 3 days have been phenomenal. I wish I had known about this program during my first year in the US. I am not only learning the nitty-gritty of the profession but also life development. Thank you so much.

Daniel A.

This company is the best company,  training , positive energy than anything I have ever been involved with.  I have over 20 years experience in clinical research.. FastTrack pushes you to be the best and/or better clinical Researcher. They are so organized, vast experience and motivators.   I recommend them highly.  Helped me in more ways than I could ever imagine. Sandra

Sandra P.

Hello everyone, I just wanted to inform you that fortunately I will be working for PPD in December. I was offered a position there as a CRA1 (Clinician to CRA). I wanted to use this opportunity to say a big thank you for all your assistance with interview prep, resume, coaching, educating etc. You guys did a good job of preparing me so much that I felt I did not need help for this one. I was equipped with all the tools necessary to be successful and I was successful. So thank you again. Sincerely, Anita

Anita B

Great way to get in the game!! The staff is so supportive and the teachers are so knowledgeable!

Ayla P.

This course and the team are beyond expectation. It is not only resourceful, but also give hands on to land into my dream job.

Warunee S.

Great program to give you knowledge and understanding of the research field. They also went above and beyond to help me obtain a job in my new career.

Sandra T.

I had a great experience with this program and have been happily working in the clinical research field for 7 months now. Many thanks to all the staff that helped me!

Kassidy V.

Outstanding! An operational dream from beginning to end. Incredible team of super well-qualified professionals with stellar communication.

Jane H.

This is a place for good quality and positive connections with the leaders in the clinical research industry,,you get to connect with some of the key players in the field and they are willing to help you grow and achieve it all.

Faeedat M.

Program was intensive and Practical, anchored by the best instructors in Clinical Research Industry. Nothing beats that.

Oluwaseun A.

I had great experience with clinical research fastrack program .They gave me a good frame work to start my career in clinical research world.

Venkata R.

I attended the training in the Chicago area on September of 2019 and I landed a job in the Dallas area a month after my internship. I must say it has been an answer to my prayers !!! The training was comprehensive and gave me the confidence of launching my career in the field . A special thanks to my instructors and Management of the Program!!!

Lara O.

FABULOUS!!!! A big heartfelt thank you to all the kind, supportive & enthusiastic Team members of Fastrack! You guys went above and beyond! Keep up the great work all your graduates love you!

Jayla P.

LIFE CHANGING!!! I had heard great things about the fast track program, immediately after meeting all of the team members, I knew that i had made the right decision. While the education exceeded my expectations, the networking oppurtunities created by Fast Track blew me away! This team is on a mission to connect you with amazing career oppurtunities!

Siarra S.

So grateful for Clinical Research Fastrack because of my excellent training I was offered a Clinical Research Coordinator I position with PMG Research, Inc of DuPage Medical Group. I accepted and I'm ready to rock it. Thanks Clinical Research Fastrack!

Jacquilyn B.

When you find yourself at a crossroads and looking to make a career change, it can seem like the scariest, most uncertain time imaginable. When you finally make that leap of faith, I can assure you that that uncomfortable feeling won’t got away. But what I can assure you, is you’ll have support every step of the way. When you step outside your comfort zone to finally make a change it feels so scary, uncomfortable, and you doubt yourself every step of the way. Sometimes though, your success through such a transitional time can really be dependent on the support you have. Not having the right support may mean not being successful when trying to make a change. The team at CRF will be your source of amazing support every step of the way. I had my doubts and didn’t sleep the entire two weeks before class. After going through the course, I have more confidence then I ever had before. What’s more, you’ll find yourself with a “family” of supporters helping ensure your success. It’s an amazing feeling. I could have easily gone to a university to do another masters program, but never would I be able to complete that and have such individual, “customized” attention cheering me on like I have through CRF. It is with greatest gratitude that I thank CRF for being there for me; being my rock, helping me become a rockstar and helping me find my confidence I lost at some point somewhere along the way.

Jessica V.

I just landed my first official role in the clinical trials arena, one I don't think I would've aimed for and gotten had I not gone through this program. I'm thankful to all of the staff and instructors for the expertise they've imparted and the open doors/connections I now have to move my career and life forward.

Angel C.

Great, Informative program! They give you the tools to feel confidant starting a whole new career. If you have any questions about the field, interviews, or resume changes they are there and ready to help. Not to mention the instructors are great references to use.

Delisa R.

CRF is where you should start building your fundamentals as a clinical researcher. I came in with a biomedical science degree with no clinical research experience, and with the intership and knowledge I gained through CRF I was able to succeed in the industry. I was hired as a CRC right away and within a year I was hired as a CRA 1.

Victoria W.

Clinical Research FasTrack enabled me to chose a path I wish I had chosen 30 yrs ago. I was given the basics of the Clinical Research world in 10 LONG days; however, those long days led me to the most rewarding career I have had since working in Trauma units really making a difference. Knowing the basic knowledge I received at Clinical Research FasTrack would make such a difference in my life and the lives of those I care for has been the most rewarding. What better way to show glory to God than to make a difference in the lives of complete strangers. This difference is not just one is for generations. Want to change a life? Want to be a part of finding a cure? Want a job you will jump out of bed to go to? You need to call Clinical Research FasTrack!! Tell 'em PMc sent you!! The life changed may just be your own!! God's blessings for peace, grace, and health to you all, both now and always.

Phyllis McDaniel

This program is not only amazing but it is life changing. I am so grateful for this program and all the information I learned on a daily basis. The people behind this program such as David Silberman and Lauren Stockwell not only helped me excel in Clinical Research but have been an amazing support system, there for me whenever I needed them! If you are still thinking about whether you should do it, let me be the one to say do it, it will absolutely change your life!

Madison S.

An incredible program that helped me in my career change! They provide you with the tools, both technical and soft, to immediately be successful in clinical research. Absolutely worth your time, and great people to have in your corner! Don't miss out!

Melaina K.

I took this course last April. Staffs were very nice and they cared about me a lot - that helped a lot. Let me short the long story - I got a new job offer after this course. My salary raised $30,000 more than before. I was so happy with this course and appreciate a lot!

Jimin W.

It was amazing experience to interact with industry specialist & colleagues to learn in Clinical Research Fastrack to move ahead my career in Healthcare field. I am thankful to my Mentors & Teachers whom I interacted & made my passion focused to make an impact in people’s lives.

Devang S.

This program was definitely worth the time and money. They offer you a quick, efficient and affordable education in this filed. The two aspects about this program I found to be its best characteristics, the first being you learn from professionals who work the field and the second is networking. I have already meet and worked with numerous Fastrack alumni who work in the research field like me.

Alfred E.

I completed this program last March traveling from Oklahoma. It provided me with an amazing experience. Coming back to research after years of teaching, this was a great opportunity to regain and update my research knowledge and skills. I gained a network of friends and colleagues through this experience leading me to find my dream job in Arizona!

Niki R.

I have been meaning to write a review from when I took this course last year. D'oh!!! I took the course in Scottsdale, AZ. First off, I was working as a CNA when I saw the ad for Clinical Research Fasttrack and I was miserable. Things were hard as a single mom and I knew I needed to continue my education past my associates. I can now do that thanks to Clinical Research Fasttrack. The course has a pre-study component that (you SHOULD finish in a week) as well as, If I remember 80 hours in class time. After you finish the course you do a post study component (you SHOULD finish in a week) and a 2 week internship. The pre and post study you can do online at home. Sound overwhelming? Really its not.You have to put the time aside. Or you can just replace the time you watch T.V. or scroll through social media and you will have plenty of time. If i can do it as a single mom YOU can do it! I have read some reviews about Clinical Research Fasttrack being a scam. I assure you it is not. Honestly, if you don't get a job in research after this program that is all on YOU not them. They give you EVERYTHING to succeed and much much more. I worked really hard to get to where I am and I couldn't have done it without Clinical Research Fasttrack's help or Jeannie for that matter she is amazing!. With anything in life you do to better yourself, it wasn't always easy but it was worth it! I make double what I was making before and working in research is extremely rewarding. When it comes to the program, you can fight it as much as you like but you have to network and talk to people. That is your way into research. You won't get into research without a certificate program either. Sorry you have to take it. Right now I work as a clinical research manager at a cardiologist office. It is so rewarding and I have learned so much. Helping people in heart failure is incredible. In research we are able to offer them an alternative to what we offer on the market right now. Seeing positive physical and mental changes in my patients that were down and out before means the world to me! I helped them achieve that! Please do not take someone else's word for it. Always make your own decisions with your own mind. Look into the program talk to people and form your own decision. Still not completely sure? Take some time out of your day and go visit with them at Clinical Research Fasttrack! Sit in on a class for a few mins.I am giving them 5 stars because they are worth that!

Megan H.

This is going to be a lengthy review. I promise, it is worth the read. So here I am writing this from an investigators meeting in Chicago, Illinois. I have only been a study coordinator for about 4 weeks, and I am ecstatic about the opportunities I have had. This is actually the 2nd investigators meeting I have been to. I cannot praise the CRFastrack program enough for what it has provided for me. Among the most valuable things I have received (aside from the vast education and externship experience) are the connections I was able to make from the get go. Because of these connections, I was able to secure the job I have now. Because of the training I received, I have been confident in doing my work and have been put as a lead coordinator on the current trial I am working with. In addition, I am slated as the lead coordinator for an additional trial which we have just started. From the moment I began my position, I knew what to look for, what charts and binders to review, and what systems I needed access to in order to perform my job effectively. ALL THANKS to Clinical Research Fastrack. I have heard stories (even at the meeting I am at) where people who were research assistants for years, still did not have the right knowledge nor did they feel comfortable transitioning into the CRC position they took. I am way ahead of these people. CRFastrack puts you in connection with professionals from the field, many professionals. How much would you be willing to pay a professional researcher for 4 hours of their time to teach you what they know? How about 10 professionals? What is it worth to you? CRFastrack has put it all together for you. They also help you learn how to network with the right people outside of the program. I have had tremendous success in the small amount of time I have been a CRC and I owe a large part of that to my experiences with CRFastrack. Lastly, the most important part of my whole experience are the individuals there that work hard to help you in your growth. One person particular stands out for me, and I am eternally grateful for her. She never gave up on me even though there were times I wanted to give up on myself. You know who you are! Thank you so much!

Francisco R.

Best decision I ever made was to take the Clinical Research Fastrack course to start my career in the Clinical Research industry! The proof is in their results. Now, the sky's the limit for me in my professional career. Thank you, Clinical Research Fastrack

Dee C.

I was skeptical in the beginning but the program helped to educate and connect me with others that were looking to enter the field of clinical research as well as professionals that were already in the field. The teachers and staff were all very professional as well as full of energy. It took me 6 months but with the externship that Fastrack provided me, I got to get my foot in the door.

Kenny N.

When all else fails to try to get into the clinical research field; this is a great investment to enroll. One looking for an opportunity should consider this program. It is a great booster aiding you to get recognized; especially someone who does not have a scientific background and who is thirsty to enter this world on clinical trials without being swiped or your resume being thrown out. This program allows each lecture being taught to you by different CR professionals ranging from small to large companies such as Mayo Clinic, Synexus, and much more. Each session takes in a carefully selected amount of dedicated potential students and allocating them in a small classroom setting to permit students to make professional connections with other like-minded pupils and the best CR professionals all around come in to teach a lecture along with hands-on and situational activities; they are willing to teach to better prepare and improve the works behind the clinical research field by sharing their own stories, do's and don'ts, tips, and what they are looking for in a CR professional. They could only do so much as fast as they could but they do their utmost best to get you the internship at a particular location you want and job placement (personally, I am lucky to have these two happen so quickly for me), but you need continue be the driver and not be the passenger. Without this program, I would not be where I am today.

Tein L.

Clinical Research Fastrack program really gave me a strong foundation in clinical research. Going through this program was one of the best decisions i have ever made in my life. Ever since i completed the program, my career has progressed faster that i anticipated.

Tochi O.

An amazing program with in-depth knowledge of clinical trials, the process of a getting a drug from an idea to market, the roles and responsibilities of all individuals and teams involved. Best part is that the instructors are people in the field and provide added input from their experiences. Would recommend to anyone interested in making a career in clinical research in a month!

Suraj O.

Personally, this academy provided me with thorough clinical research training and a professional referral into a company. I was hired within a week of completing my training. The staff is supportive and has a set of resources within the industry that can help boost you in the application process. They will not guarantee your success - but provide as much as they can to ensure your success!

Gaby S.

Best Program that you can ask for. Within few weeks of taking the program I had a job position. They help you all the way from your start day until you get your job as a clinical research professional. The program is intensive but it will pay off, I SWEAR!! If you put effort and follow what they instruct to, and learn all the way through what you are educated on you will fond a job. Another quick tip, make connections now and in the future you never know who you can encounter that can put you in your dream position in a near by future. Professors are already in the field, make connections with them! The whole team is amazing, and I can tell you this has been my best investment so far. If you pay to invest in yourself you are view as a great candidate that is willing to educate and invest in your future. Believe me!

Luisa H.

I just finished my time at Clinical Research Fastrack and I absolutely loved it! The connections I gained from this program have been immensely helpful in my job search and the education was phenomenal. I am so glad I decided to join this program to start my career in clinical research because I feel like I am ready to get to work!

Halle H.

Clinical Research Fastrack provide platform where you can learn basic of clinical research and training syllabus plan according so you will have all the knowledge of performing duties in Clinical Trials. Internship and Bootcamp class is plus because all industry experts come and share their experiences and teach you all aspect of clinical trial. I will recommend this program for person who is trying to get into Clinical Research and make changes in someone’s life.

Vishal P.

One negative review stated these are paid reviews. So, first of all, I am not getting paid to write this. Their program works but it will require a lot of effort and motivation. I knew the direction I wanted to go and this program provided the tools and support to get there. I have never had to work so hard to achieve employment as a Clinical Research Coordinator but it would have been impossible without this Fast Track program. I was coached and encouraged all the way to employment. The internship I had was legitimate and provided me with phlebotomy skills. I can be skeptical and questioned if this program is a scam. It’s not. Go into with an open mind and be ready to apply yourself!

Kelly P.

I took this course in May 2018, and it completely changed my life. After the internship facilitated by the CRF program, I got hired as a Clinical Research Coordinator and was recently promoted to Clinical Research Manager at my site. To say I love my job is an understatement, and I'm really not sure that I would have been able to break into the industry without this program. If you're serious about getting into the field, here's your ticket.

Marguerite A.

I attended Clinical research fastrack in August of 2017 and this 10 day intensive course was just what I needed to get back into clinical research. Like many people who start in this industry you kind of "fall" into it and learn as you go. I was a study coordinator in 2009-2012 then left the field. When I tried to go back and get a job no one would hire me. Everyone stated you need experience. So I found clinical research fastrack and talked with David and he was friendly and shared tons of information with me that helped me make an educated decision on pursuing their course. Lauren was and still is amazing. Just like they promise they continued to help me with any questions I had even after my internship and to this day if I have any questions or need help they are there. I landed several interviews (and they were there helping me through the interview process as well). I received my first job offer in February and relocated to GA from Michigan so I could start my new job. I co tinue to employ the skills they taught me from networking, interviewing, and the industry. I am thrilled that I invested in myself and took the chance. It was worth it...hands down!

Crystal J.

This program provides you with a full in-depth understanding of Clinical Research. The framework of the program exposes to the most accurate and precise information from the most experienced Clinical Research Professionals in order to succeed in the field of Clinical Research, a distinctive feature compared to any program out there. Those who persevere, succeed. Taking this program is no exception of that. The support and help is present, which correlates with the success stories of previous alumni. Best Research program with the best Research Professionals.

Edgar L.

A wonderful program for anybody entering the clinical research field! The program covers all the most important subjects and in class you have a chance to network with the industry professionals that come in to teach you. But maybe best of all you join a community of people who support and help you in starting a career in clinical research. Just a week into my internship I had multiple job offers - which goes to show that the process really works!

Megan D.

The CRC program at Clinical Research Fastrack was the most important and decisive training I have ever done. The course was done in a short period of time (4 weeks). The breadth of knowledge and experience of instructors in various clinical area was very impressive. This course gave me a solid framework on how to approach clinical studies from site selection, protocol development, inclusion/exclusion, adverse events reporting, to regulatory considerations. The most important part of this training was the resume preparation for job application and the internship which landed me a job as a CRC. Now, In my role as a CRC, I always refer back to this course modules for guidance. I will definitely recommend this course to anyone who want to change a career or get into clinical research. Great course!!!

Sylvie M.

The staff is amazing! They help you through the whole process of enrolling into the course, accessing resources and getting hired. You get so much time with professors and their staff that they know your unique situation and will help you every step of the way. Small class sizes makes it easy to ask questions and a more personal connection with everyone there. Not only do they help you grow in this profession but also in your personal development. Every time that I had a question or concern I always got a response quickly. I’m so grateful for the staff. Got hired (with multiple offers) a few weeks after the in person course ended because of all their help and coaching that they provided. Best decision ever.

Jennifer C.

I have been thoroughly impressed by Clinical Research Fastrack. While on my journey into a new career, they have made me feel like I am not alone and have equipped me with the tools to make it happen. Passion is definitely a word I would use to described the level of education provided by the instructors (who currently work in the field of Clinical Research) who have taken time out of their schedule to come and teach their future fellow Research Professionals how to excel in the field.

Evelyn J.

This program is amazing, it worth every cent that you spend in it. This training will provide you in a very short time all you need to know to start in this industry, the team members and instructors are competent, well focus in the main things that we need to learn having a high level of preparation and commitment to help during and after the course completion, a plus is the internship that provide an opportunity to experience ongoing studies firsthand. In fact in my particular case I was hired at the end of my internship, another plus is the extreme concern of this great team about to support you and help you to find a job in this industry, and the reputation of this training is well known among the health providers and institutions conducting research studies, so that will help you a lot to find a job. I highly recommend this training to anyone interested in become a Clinical Research Coordinator.

Jorge A.

I was changing careers and decided it would be clinical research. I had an interview in the industry and was not offered the job. The career change was proving to be challenging. I was referred to Clinical Fasttrack in late 2017. After much hesitation, I enrolled in Clinical Fasttrack. It forever changed my career in a positive way. The program is fast paced and filled with a ton of information regarding research. You have to work hard, network with people in the Industry and stay positive. I started working in the Industry in 1/2018; laid off in 8/2018. I continued to use the skills I learned at Clinical Research. I was hired as a ACRC for a large company. I am grateful I found Clinical Research Fasttrack and highly recommend if you want to work in clinical research.

Denise W.

For those seeking to advance their clinical research career, look no further than Clinical Research Fastrack. Where you can find stellar faculty of experts from the field. Who train you for all the challenges in this field in the shortest time possible to teach students to excel in clinical research. The program consists of pre-study, in class Bootcamp with faculty and industry experts with opportunities to network and rigorous post study which gives you a wide range knowledge of the clinical research industry. The class experience is exhilarating and exciting for those interested in learning how Clinical Research works, these up to date lessons prepare you for understanding how to apply the knowledge gained towards an exciting career. Foremost, the emphasis from lecturers prepares you to learn patient safety and rights, how documentation according to regulations is vital to running a clinical trial and are taught the various methods used to collect data from all sources and various other topics. The teachings are done with a hands-on approach with multiple workshops in teams during each session of lecture that gives you insight into the attention that needs to be given to meticulously carryout tasks related to clinical research. The opportunity to be hired is completely dependent upon the talent and experience of each individual who enrolls in this program. Although, they have many alumni with limited experience who have been accepted into prime institutions as a result of this training. I'm pleased to recommend this course for those interested in Clinical Research Administration.

Anbudoss D.

I reached out to CRF when I was deciding whether or not to continue pursuing medicine or go the research route. The staff was so understanding of my process and they really helped me make the decision that was best for me. Now that I have gone through the program, not only do I feel more confident about my future, but I can look back and say I made the right decision investing in this program. The program is super professional and the instructors are all working professionals. I got multiple job offers within 2 weeks of completing the course and am now working full time alongside one of my instructors!

Thao P.

This review is from Chelsea Roman----for some reason it will only let me post under my fiances google account 🙂 If I could give Clinical Research Fastrack more than 5 stars I would!! This course is a lot of hard work, but SO worth every minute. I recently started my role as a CRC but needed to learn the basics, and I did, but I learned SO much more than that in the 8 days of class. Not only do I feel more confident in my new position, but I have networked with some amazing people, and met classmates that I can call my friends! The instructors and CEO are nothing short of phenomenal, not only are they are incredibly knowledgeable, but have such a huge passion for research, and truly care about each and every individual who enrolls. I hope to see this company grow, and hopefully put out more classes in the future!!!

Chris O’Brien

I just wanted to thank Clinical Research Fastrack for giving me the opportunity and support to help me enter this career. This program has forever changed my life and i am very grateful for that. The class was the very first step to many more other steps to come because the instructors gave me the motivation to go back to school and get my bachelors degree so that i can take this even further. I am grateful for the confidence they gave me, inspiring me to put in the work which i definitely did and it was a very exciting experience. I also can not wait to start my journey at Baylor Scott and White so that i can put to use everything i learned.


I've been following the success of the clinical research fast track family for years! I have some friends that work there and I am so proud of this organization for creating such an amazing brand and reputation second to none! I personally know of countless success stories of graduates from the Program that have landed great jobs and continue to thrive! Keep it up fast track you guys truly created something amazing!

Sky E.

This program quickly prepared me for a career in clinical research. I can't speak highly enough about the Fastrack program and what each person within the company has done to ensure my personal success within the field. Lauren Ballina Chang made sure our group left the program with a full, in-depth understanding of clinical research and David made sure we knew how to achieve success within the industry. A month later, I had to turn down nearly 10 interviews because I was quickly hired by an incredible CRO. Invest in yourself and be a part of the Fastrack program. You will not regret it!

Amanda T.

I have just completed the Clinical Research Fastrack program, and couldn't be more impressed with their organization and staff. I went in with zero experience in research, and minimal understanding of the concepts. They filled me with knowledge, belief in myself, an excellent externship opportunity, and the ability to land a job as a clinical research coordinator. Thank you Fastrack for getting me to this point!!

J Zo

Clinical Research Fastrack eliminates the need to obtain a Master's in Clinical Research/Research Admin. Though heavily regulated, you don't need to be a lawyer! You will learn the job on-site, so if you plan to invest a solid portion of your career learning the business, this program is worth it. It's fast, comprehensive, well-connected, and if you work to impress, you will get a job.

Leiona N.

I had taken multiple courses on Clinical Research at the academic institution I was employed at, but was never able to break into the industry. I researched online and found a couple of academies that help candidates with getting their foot in the door and Clinical Research Fastrack (CRFT) was one of them. I decided to enroll with CRFT as I liked the format of their program. The first thing that became immediately evident to me from their opening class is the infectious enthusiasm, optimism and the positive, vibrant energy they maintained to the very last class, which is truly commendable. One of the most important thing that their course offers is networking and using LinkedIn effectively in one's job search. I have learnt a lot about Clinical Research and I am so happy I enrolled at CRFT. I have started my career as a project coordinator at an international CRO and am excited about my new career path now.


I had a wonderful experience at Clinical Research Fastrack. With the help of the kind, competent, and efficient teachers and staff, I was able to make a fast career shift from a completely different industry. I went from having no experience in research at all, to feeling confident and comfortable with the day-to-day tasks of a coordinator, fluent in the industry terminology, and benefitted tremendously from the bonus crash course in networking and job search optimization. The courses are up-to-date and well-designed, and the staff have your back every step of the way, even after “graduation day.” Highly recommended!

Jace D.

Fastrack works for who believe on it and take action. I had an amazing experience with Clinical Research Fastrack! All the instructors were able to teach us all the necessary tools to do well in this field. Fastrack provides not only materials to memorize but the instructors brought their own experiences as Clinical Research Professionals and also combined theory with practical exercises in class. Also, my externship experience was fantastic. I was gladly able to do 120 hours of externship much more than the amount required from the school and that extra attitude helped me to get a job at the same company that I did my externship. Fastrack is now part of my professional career and life. Thank you Fastrack team. You all do an amazing job!

Leonardo R. L.

This is a wonderful program! The entire staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and accessible. They truly want to see you succeed. The program goes over everything you need to know to work in clinical research. They have excellent guest speakers and many networking opportunities. I would recommend this program to anyone who is interested in getting started in the clinical research field!

Brenna M.

My experience with Clinical Research Fastrack has been amazing. The team is incredibly knowledgeable, fun to work with, inspirational and supportive. I highly recommend this program for anyone looking to make their way into clinical research, or even freshen up on any experience they may already have.

Kristel H.

This program is positive and beneficial in more ways than just the education of clinical research. It gives you the necessary concomitant tools to become a leading professional in clinical research. Some of the things that I have found that are equally as important as learning the industry are help and guidance with resumes, networking, breaking into the field, and a number of other things that when starting out you fail to recognize their importance. Additionally, follow up and communication is prompt and timely! Without hesitation, I highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about becoming a clinical research professional. This program will get you there! The staff becomes YOUR team to help you, support you, and give you the skills you need to get started in this amazing industry.

Karla l.

Clinical Research Fastrack is wonderful and I'm so glad I found them and took a chance! And that they took a chance on me by accepting me as a student! Everyone who works for CRF is amazing and so kind, caring, passionate, encouraging, and knowledgeable. You get to meet and learn from many current professionals in the industry, with various roles and years of experience. They really do provide you with a strong foundation to enter clinical research and succeed. I did my 8 days of training in mid/late March and now in May, I have been hired full time. I have never worked in research before but with the training I received from CRF I have been able attend 2 SIV meetings and not feel lost at all. I knew the terminology they were using and was able to keep up/follow along with the conversation and proceedings. Everything they teach you will be used on the job. It is very tailored training. But besides the industry knowledge they provide, the career assistance and advice/tips/tricks they give you is INVALUABLE. I am so grateful for CRF. They helped me fulfill my goal to enter clinical research and I'm excited for my career. Oh and because of COVID, they had to have all instruction move online. They didn't have much time to make the transition but they nailed it and it seemed like it was always meant to be online. They went above and beyond to ensure we still got the full quality of training they're known for.

Samantha M.

I began Clinical Research Fastrack in March and was hired in May. This was the answer! Before Fastrack, I was discouraged, frustrated and saddened by the lack of response to hundreds of sent resumes. I needed an ally. Not only did I receive incredible instruction from many individuals currently working in industry but also invaluable job search support. Clinical Research Fastrack introduces and includes you in the Clinical Research Community. If you're serious about developing a career in Healthcare and making a difference, Clinical Research Fastrack is a great fit.

Julia S.

Well, I am going to tell my little story so you all can relate. I was looking for opportunities in the Clinical Research industry here in the US based on my Public Health background and had been applying and interviewing for about a year with absolutely no success. Close to the end of 2020, I was completely frustrated and decided to give it a break. However, I came across an advert about Clinical Research Fastrack on Instagram and was very skeptical at first. Eventually, I decided to give it a try after I did some research into the company. The program was intensive and engaging and I gained additional knowledge and skills in Research and networking. Barely a month after my training, I interviewed and secured a job as a Project Manager on a clinical trial and I am completely overjoyed. I am so GLAD that I stumbled on that advert and made the decision to enroll in the program. From the first call with my course advisor to the training itself, career coaching, and lessons on how to navigate the Clinical Research Industry, this program has been nothing short of PHENOMENAL!!! A very special THANK YOU to David Schillne, David Silberman, Lauren Stockwell, Jamaica Cundiff and the facilitators!! You are all my heroes! Thank you for the resume reviews, for getting on zoom with me and for the career coaching and tips. Clinical Research Fastrack program is legitimate and will change your life forever. It changed mine! Give them a try in case you are still wondering.

Seun O.

Clinical Research Fastrack was a great experience! I was blown away by how much I learned in such a sort amount of time and the support and care of the staff. They go above and beyond to provide feedback and career advice both in general and specifically to fields in clinical research. I got a job at a sponsor and because they were impressed with the knowledge base that was covered through CRF I was placed in a more challenging role in an active global study.

Elizabeth L.

Coming from general research, I struggled to find a job in clinical research for the longest time! Within two months of completing the FasTrack program I landing an amazing job! This program gave me an excellent foundation going into my new position and set me apart from the rest of the candidates! I can never express how grateful I am for the whole CRF team for giving me the opportunity to grow into the field of my choice! I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone looking to get into clinical research!

Rachel A.

I attended Clinical Research Fastrack in June 2017 and it was one of the best investments I have made thus far. Fastrack arranged an amazing internship that I was able to apply the knowledge I learned from the course. The program is organized, efficient and necessary. Learning the details of clinical research makes your first job less stressful and more fun!

Sarah J. B.

Clinical Research Fastrack is one of the very few clinical research programs out there that actually delivers on their promises. My personal experience at Fastrack, Mar 2019, @ Scottsdale location was exceptional. Debbie, the admissions rep was very patient and helpful in answering all my concerns before joining the course. Jeannie, the director is an excellent instructor and your go-to if you have any questions during or after the course. I simply loved all the instructors. They are actual clinical research professionals working on different levels in the Clinical Research industry. I am very glad that I chose CRFT over many other programs available out there. I must say it's a very rewarding course to folks who want to get into clinical research. Just remember that anything in life demands hard work. CRFT provides you with the ammunition you need to start your journey. Keep up the good work team.

Vijitha B.

This program provided me with all of the tools to begin my career in clinical research- education, hands-on training, and networking all in one for every student. Run by great people who work so hard to bring out the best opportunities for anyone interested in the field. I am from New Jersey and it was a hybrid with online courses and an immersive classroom instruction. Taught by esteemed professionals currently working in this field, it brought many perspectives for a well-rounded experience. I am currently working on the internship set up for me with the help of the whole Clinical Research Fastrack team. I would highly recommend this training for anyone interested in being part of a rising industry!

Juliana D.

I am a recent trained clinical research professional. I was very skeptical when I found about the training and was not sure it was true. But the training was very rigorous and after that I was waiting for opportunities but to my surprise the training paid off got many job offers and I did accept the a job offer which I liked the most. All thank you to clinical research fastrack team!!!


Clinical Research Fastrack deserves 5 stars! The staff and instructors are TOP NOTCH!!! I attended the Clinical Research Coordinator training almost a year 1/2 ago! It was one of the best decisions I have made!! The program prepared me for my career in research as a Coordinator. I learned so much and more from the training and externship! I have enjoyed my career in research so much that I decided to go back to school at Arizona State University for my Master's in Clinical Research Management - Regulatory Sciences. Thank you, Clinical Research Fastrack!

Bridget L.

In a nutshell ''Phenomenal''. One of the best moves I have ever made this year was enrolling into Clinical Research Fastrack. Over the moon with my decision, the faculty at Fastrack are cherry picked from the industry giving students the best experience possible. The curriculum at Fastrack is so impressive that even the most overwhelming material is broken down and simplified in such a way that the information lingers on and stays etched in one's mind even after the end of the course. The entire team right from the CEO, the National Program Director, the Associate Program Director etc.. are outstanding, they constantly support you throughout the entire process. The best part about the program besides the academic information provided through this course is the help the student receives in finding a position in clinical research. Even the most trivial query or a mind boggling doubt regarding clinical research would be answered promptly by the team. Clinical Research Fastrack brought out the best in me, the support and information provided through this course helped me find positions in clinical research. It's a one stop solution for finding a way to enter into the world of clinical research. Totally stoked !!!

Karuniya Ramanathan

Choosing to enroll in Clinical Research Fastrack was the best decision I have made for my future. The people involved with this program are passionate and knowledgeable about the field and provide an AMAZING experience from start to finish. The program jumpstarted my career at one of the leading pharmaceutical companies and I could not be more grateful!

Devin Darcy

The Clinical Research FastTrack program gave me the tools and credentials I needed to enter and be successful in the world of clinical research. The program absolutely prepared me for a career in the research industry. Everything we learned during our independent study, rigorous coursework, and post study training I have encountered and used. As a graduate of the program, I felt prepared and confident to begin any role within this challenging industry. The entire staff is extremely experienced and well known within the field. The guest lecturers we learned from are top research professionals with years of experience in every area of clinical research. During my enrollment, I was paired with an experienced mentor that truly cared about my career goals. I received career advice, professional development, and life coaching specific to me and my career. I had an interview for my first job before the end of the program. I received multiple job offers before accepting a position at a nationally accredited top tier research institution. I started the program in January and I was working in the field by March. By far one of the best decisions I have ever made in my professional life was enrolling in this program.

Traci L.

This program is phenomenal! Attending CRF is a great route to enter into the Pharmaceutical Research industry by teaching the fundamentals of research. In this program, you are given all the tools necessary to succeed once it is time to get out on your own. After my completion of the program, I was given a job offer within two weeks and have now been in the industry for almost a year and a half! Even after my 1.5 years in the industry, I am still in close contact with mentors who work for the program, including Catherine--who was an awesome instructor! This program allows for networking and career relationships that you would not believe! I am very grateful for my experience and everyone I have met since my career change. Thank you Clinical Research Fastrack!

Jamaica N. C.

I am a graduate of Clinical Research Fastrack since January 2018 and landed my first job in clinical research in February 2018! I am so grateful to the Clinical Research Fastrack team in preparing me for my career in research! The program provides an outstanding curriculum laying a strong foundation for working in clinical research. The Instructors are top-notch; working in the industry and sharing the current trends and opportunities for networking. This program offers a quick and indepth path to a vibrant industry! It is a cut above other programs offering an internship! My company just hired a Clinical Research Fastrack graduate after his internship experience! If you have an interest to learn about clinical research and a drive to succeed in this industry, investing in the Clinical Research Fastrack course will jumpstart your career! Good luck!

Susan B.

Clinical Research Fastrack is a legit program. It is an intensive 4 week program consisting of online study, classroom study and internship. It was a wonderful experience. They made learning fun and easy by providing students with very knowledgeable and experienced instructors. The best part is they provide a 2 week internship which helps with hands-on training and learning. They stay actively connected after the program whenever you need help. I graduated from Clinical Research Fastrack in June 2019 and I got a job in July 2019. I am very happy I chose them and I would earnestly recommend them to anyone who is looking to be trained or have a career in Clinical Research. They are worth the time and every cent you spend!!

Prerana P.

I have SO many wonderful things to say about Clinical Research Fastrack. I was referred by a friend to try them out but I was skeptical. I literally researched and stalked them to make sure that they were legit. I took a leap of faith and decided to take the training program. The very first day of class was confirmation to me that I made the right choice! The professionalism, genuine care and knowledge of all the stuff was a winner for me. After finishing the training course- Clinical Research Fastrack referred me to a large company and I was hired within a week of finishing the course. The intensive training and all the resources provided to me made it possible for me to get that job. I will forever be grateful!!

Juliet Munsanje

I enrolled in Clinical Research Fastrack with the hope of changing things around for me and my kids. It was one of the best decisions I ever made,the class was so full of knowledgeable Tutors that came to teach us. I enjoyed every bit of the class, immediately I finished with the class I started applying for job and used the directives the CEO taught us in class and boom I got a job even before my internship. Clinical research Fastrack training is the Bomb, it was the miracle I was waiting for and I thank God that I enrolled at the right time without procrastinating.

Feyiyemi A.

I highly recommend Fastrack as a practical means to gain entry in Clinical Research. Fastrack is comprised of a strong network of passionate and well-connected researchers across the nation who strive to equip students with the knowledge and tools they need to be successful in the industry. Clinical Research has it's own language with countless acronyms and abbreviations. In a month, Fastrack made me 'fluent,' which helped me excel during interviews and ultimately get hired a month after course completion. Beyond hard skills, Fastrack provides individualized coaching, interview preparation, and networking opportunities with working instructors, some of whom have 15+ years experience in the field. My experience was very positive, given my goal was to enter clinical research and help make an impact as quickly as possible. Previously, I had applied to clinical research positions with not even a single interview offer. I credit the program for helping me get connected with a great opportunity so quickly during COVID-19. Completing a bootcamp certainly requires motivation, persistence, and a positive mindset. I think if you display those attributes, Fastrack will help get you where you want to be.


What a great program and great introduction to clinical research.  You get to meet and learn from experts in the field, and make connections that will help you get your careers started. The main thing that I would highlight about this program, and that sets it apart is the support I received from the program staff- updating resumes, preparing for interviews (on short notice!), and just general career advice. Their help, and support has been priceless! I was able to get a job before the end of the class, and I now have a support team available to me as I start a career in this exciting field.

Angela R.

I am so grateful to the Clinical Research Fastrack Team for all their support! Although I loved being a Pharmacist, it was my desire to pursue my passion to participate in some small way helping to bring much needed treatments to market and the Clinical Research Fastrack course helped make it happen. The course content was excellent and all the instructors in the class segment were very experienced and generously shared their knowledge. I highly recommend the course to anyone interested in entering the Clinical Research Industry!


Clinical Research Fastrack is an amazing program with excellent course content and immensely helpful staff. Overall it has been a very positive experience for me and I am so glad that I enrolled in this program to start my career in clinical research. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested and serious in getting there foot in the clinical research industry.

Sujana R

Clinical Research Fastrack has literally changed my life! At first, it sounds too good to be true. However, after I finished the program, the advisors worked with me to show me the best way to get your foot in the door to start your career! I was a military veteran fresh out of the military with a Master's degree but no experience other than military so it was a struggle for me to find employment. Because of this program, I now have a career with so many different possibilities of growth. We were equipped with so much knowledge and information within a short amount of time that I was ahead of the game compared to someone who received a 4 year degree in the field. I recommend this program to anyone who has interest in the research field!

Kim McAllister

I am so glad I pushed past my initial skepticism and enrolled in this program! After being laid off from my job due to COVID-19, I decided to take that as an opportunity to shift from academic animal research into clinical research, as I had been wanting to do that for awhile. During my initial job search, I soon realized that I needed more training to get my foot in the door and successfully make that transition, and I came across Clinical Research Fastrack. Getting trained in Clinical Research in under 2 months rather than the 1-2 year diploma/masters programs I had 1st considered, seemed too good to be true, but I decided to give it a chance, and I was immediately glad that I had. The program not only provided me quality, thorough, engaging instruction in the specific knowledge necessary for clinical research, but also gave me amazing job search coaching and support specific to the clinical research field, helped build my confidence, and motivated me to proactively reach out and network successfully. My job search still took perseverance and hard work, as I had to persuade employers that I could be successful without previous work experience in clinical research, but it was definitely doable, and the Clinical Research Fastrack team coached and supported me through all of it. Only 10 days after completing my post study modules (6 weeks after the in-class portion), I got an amazing offer from one of my dream companies as a remote clinical site monitor, at 20K more per year than I was making before, and with incredible career growth potential! I couldn't have gotten to this point without the knowledge and support from the team at Clinical Research Fastrack, and I will be forever grateful to them!

Colleen H.

Clinical Research Fastrack gives the best training for anyone going into the field of research. Thorough training, amazing staff and also very professional. I had a great time during the training and also been able to develop good connections with the staff and my classmates. They were also always available to support and prepare me before going on my interviews.

Bolaji Onabanjo

I feel very grateful that joining the training from Clinical Research Fastrack gave me the opportunity to learn about many important principles for  the safety and rights of participants and collecting credible clinical research data and make great connections with experienced clinical research professionals. Also, they gave me a lot of valuable suggestions during my job hunting procprotectingess. Without this program, I would not get job offers in the clinical research industry. No one would guarantee your job placement, but David and his team will work closely with you to facilitate your success.

Yanqin Liu

This school is life changing!! I obtained my first job as a Clinical Research Coordinator less than 30 days after the class. The staff are amazing!! They helped me during class with learning about the industry, job seeking and interview tips and made me feel empowered and positive. Clinical Research Fastrack helps career dreams come true, I can't say enough about the program. Enroll today!!

Neikisha Hargrove

A really great course. I went into it skeptical with so many questions, not sure of things and how you could get a job in Clinical Research with just this short course, when having no prior work experience in Clinical Research. Right when I started the course I was instantly excited about where it would take me. The instructors are great and meeting different people from all over the U.S., in different positions within Clinical Research is very helpful, and gets you connected to clinical research professionals. I highly recommend this course. It varies, but I got a job a little over a month after finishing the course, and know many people who also did. Highly recommend!

Madeline Gasparo

"This program helped me land a job as a clinical research coordinator less than three weeks!!! I highly recommend for anyone with any type of background to join this program! They help build you a foundation to successes."

Lisa P.

"I don't even know where to begin. I LOVE THIS PROGRAM. It's not a scam, I promise. I am so truly thankful for everything this program has done for me, from the staff, classmates, and ALL the education that was taught. This program has prepared me for a new career in clinical research. I'm forever thankful for this program and everything it has to offer. And ecstatic to begin my new career that I am passionate about. If you were looking for a sign to get started, this is it. Thank you Clinical Research Fastrack!"

Leia W.

"Clinical Research is a great platform for anyone who wants to pursue a career as a Clinical Research Coordinator. All the instructors are knowledgeable and helpful. The networking opportunity is extremely valuable. They even forwarded my resume to PRG and I got that job after the interview."

Athira E.

"It took me a while to actually sign up for Clinical Research Fastrack, but I’m truly glad that I did! The training will help you learn about the process and procedures that go into clinical trials, an of course how to keep patient’s and their information safe at all times! The training was intense for me especially not being in school for a while, but the staff are caring and truly work with you if there is something your not understanding! After my Class in Oct 2020, I received a job offer in January 2021! All in all, I would just tell you to believe in yourself, take that leap of faith, put in the hard work, and it will definitely pay off!!"

Marquita W.

"I loved my time in the course. I am brand new to clinical research and I feel like I am well prepared to perform well in this field. The fact that the instructors are leaders in the industry is inspiring and helped to ground the information in real-world experiences.."

Anna B.

"BEST CAREER CHOICE OF MY LIFE! This program is absolutely amazing and every single person I interacted with from the program was amazing. They are so kind and really want to help you build a career in the field. I am beyond grateful for Clinical Research Fastrack. I was able to get a job before I even fully completed the post study of the program, all thanks to them! If you’re thinking about it, DO IT, you won’t regret it."

Kaila P.

"As a person who comes from the banking industry, I was so excited to receive, and accept, a job offer as a CRC before I even completed the post study work of the program. Not only did I gain knowledge and set the foundation I needed to enter the field of clinical research through the FASTRACK program, I was also trained on how to network and interview like a professional. David and his amazing staff guided, advised and gave me the confidence I needed to go out and get the job of my dreams. If, for whatever reason, you are on the fence about taking this course, my advice to you is to just do it! You won't regret it!"

Emily A.

"I am extremely grateful that I took a chance to apply and got accepted in the program. I learned valuable lessons and real-world experiences supported by wonderful instructors and the entire team of the program. They genuinely care and provide essential tools to prepare you to succeed in the field. I am absolutely happy that I gained new connections from all over the U.S. and established a new career that suits me the best in all areas. I am ecstatic that it provides growth and varieties of career opportunities within the clinical research. I accepted a job offer within a month. Once again, I am sincerely grateful for the education and amazing experience! Highly recommend this course. MANY THANKS TO CLINICAL RESEARCH FASTRACK."

Karla C.

"Choosing Clinical Research Fastrack was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. I got hired as a Clinical Research Coordinator before I even completed the program! From start to finish, the entire staff was so incredibly helpful and genuinely invested in my success. They go above and beyond- even setting up an interview prep call on a Sunday morning! This company is the real deal, and I encourage anyone who might be thinking about it to take the plunge. You won't regret it!"

Jennifer E.

"Clinical Research Fastrack is absolutely the real deal. I was hesitant to register, but from the moment I did, everyone was so wonderful and helpful. The guidance provided was immeasurable. From the IT help to the instructors to the speakers - everyone was professional, motivational and inspiring. I was fortunate enough to find a position before my post-study was even completed. I am so excited about this field and I owe it all to Clinical Research Fastrack."

Jenn S.

"This program didn't only teach me about clinical research but also about the value of networking and connecting with people in the clinical research industry. The team at CRFT is like family! They give so much more in value than they could ever receive in payment! The course is to teach mainly about clinical research, and networking. Also, just being in this course, you'll tune in with the success energy of so many great clinical research professionals, which will help you on the subconscious level, in addition to the conscious clinical research knowledge you're learning from this course. I was able to land a job before even finishing the post study. I'm really grateful for everyone in this course!"

Amenah K.

"Clinical Research Fastrack provides necessary training and knowledge needed to get into the field of Clinical Research. Training was by seasoned industry leaders in Clinical Research who are available for mentorship and necessary help for one to get into the industry. The amazing thing is how the training starts preparing one for a career from day one. I got an interview and a job a week after 8 days of classes! I have no reservations in recommending this training to anyone planning to go into clinical research. The Clinical Research Fastrack team made learning exciting, fun, and easy to assimilate."

Lucy M.

"I met so many wonderful like-minded people in my class with the same passion and drive as myself. The positivity and energy of the program counselors and the clinical research professionals who took the time to share their experiences with us helped us understand clinical research and the many levels involved in the industry. I am very grateful to this program for teaching me the core concepts in clinical research as well as job search assistance, network building, and interview prep. Even after completing the work, I was able to connect with them for all the assistance I needed. As of April 2021, I am now employed in the field of clinical research as a clinical research analyst!"

Ashley M.

"Clinical Research Fastrack has been one of the best decisions I made. The entire program was engaging, detailed and informative. I love that the instructors are seasoned professionals in the field. My mentor kept up with me, helped me with my resume and prepared me for interviews. I got 3 offers and was able to select the best one for me. I would absolutely recommend them to everyone as they are a great foundation into the clinical research field."

Ollie A.

"I finished the entire program in November 2020 and as of April 2021, I have been hired as a research coordinator. I’m so grateful and thankful for the learning opportunity that I received from the Clinical Research Fastrack team! Anyone looking to get into this field should definitely take this opportunity!"

Syeda Z.

"Clinical Research Fastrack it is an awesome program. I stumbled upon this program after I was denied a job in the clinical research field. I though with my experience and since I was working on the same hospital it was going to be easier to get the job, but I was wrong. I then did some research because I knew I needed to do something to get more knowledge about this awesome field. I found Clinical Research Fastrack in Google, I watched their videos, and I gave them a call. For the first moment I talked to one of the advisors I felt their enthusiasm and dedication to help others. They answered all my questions and without hesitation on a blink of an eye I was enroll and ready to start. I am so happy I took this new challenge because I have learned so much and I met so many incredible people that are passionate about this field. They will guide you, support you and show you the ropes of clinical research. When I finished the 80 hrs. in class training it gave me the confidence enough to reach out the Clinical Research director at three hospital I worked for and I told her about my experience and what I just learned at clinical research Fastrack. she pulled my resume from the position I was denied before. I interviewed with her and I got the position I had applied before!!! This program its excellent in teaching you all about Clinical Research. If you are thinking in getting in this amazing career and need some guidance and push, take this program you wont regret it. You will feel well prepared to take on a roll in Clinical Research and help others have a better quality of life, plus you will gain mentors and friends that will last for the rest of your career."

Carolina C.

"Clinical Research Fastrack has been a major contributing factor in my career transition. Their staff is totally committed to the students success. Because of Clinical Research Fastrack i am employed and i wake up excited to get to the office, excited to immerse myself in the clinical trials protocols and i leave the office excited; feeling so fortunate to work in an industry that makes history every day."

Jorge T.

"I am so glad I took the leap of faith and enrolled in Clinical Research Fastrack! My overall experience was great from start to finish. Learning from industry professionals and mentors provided such great inspiration and encouragement to pursue my dream of working in the clinical research industry. I landed my break into the industry shortly after completion. If you are hesitant, do not be. Take the leap! Thank you to all who have helped me along my way!"

Brittany D.

"If you thinking about research , please go ahead an enroll for the program. I had no prior experience with clinical research but Clinical Research FastTrack team gave me all the tools and resources needed to step into clinical research field. I started as a clinical protocol coordinator. Thank you."

Vrunda P.

"After working at the bench for four years, it was time for a career transition. Clinical Research FastTrack is an intensive program that prepares candidates for careers in the clinical research industry; some of the roles recent grads land are clinical research coordinator and clinical trial assistant to name a few. The program is 8 hours a day for about 7 days and covers a variety of different topics from ICH/GCP and the regulatory binder, to clinical operations. Once you begin the program, you’re paired with a mentor who helps review your resume and cover letter. And before starting the class, you’re given pre-study material that briefly covers all the topics reviewed in class. FastTrack hires instructors who are seasoned and experienced; they teach you what you need to know to land a job, and are they’re highly enthusiastic. I was skeptical at first, but I realized that the instructors were all open to providing their contact information and answering any questions. Clinical research is a highly regulated field, and there is a ton of jargon that you must be familiar with in order to stand out. In addition, FastTrack emphasizes telling your story and marketing yourself. During lectures, we were introduced to our instructors via zoom, and we would each have one minute to provide a brief bio of ourselves and our aspirations for joining the field. I must have practiced this fifty times during class, and on the last day it was flawless. It helped me tremendously in the interview. After class, I took advantage of Fastrack's network and added over 200 clinical research professionals on Linkedin. I posted about various research topics, which increased my visibility. However, being associated with Fastrack definitely helped me again more visibility. Because of this program, I'm now starting a position at a CRO/Sponsor. This is a fantastic program, but just come in with a good attitude and show a passion for this field! Lastly, take their advice!"

Justin B.

"If you're scrolling through reviews and still wondering if you should enroll in this course, consider this your sign; DO IT! Clinical Research Fastrack was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I tried for over a year to enter into this field but had no success. With the support of this program and the foundational skills they equipped me with, I was able to finally land a job that I love in the industry. Thank you to everyone at Fastrack for helping me achieve my goals!"

Kendra I.

"When I was looking into Clinical Research Fastrack I read through every single one of these google reviews; I hope that this review helps you make your decision to enroll. Every staff member and instructor from start to finish puts the student first. I am so grateful for the after hours interview prep, resume building, and wardrobe assistance they gladly provided me with. The content of the course was constantly engaging and relevant. The instructors, all being clinical research professionals themselves, were knowledgable and inspiring. I am so thankful for CRF and excited for my future in clinical research!"

Anisa R.

"When I first found Fastrack, I was doing clinical research on the lab side. I wasn't sure if the program was the right investment for me, but I did my research, talked to previous students, and then took the leap. I’m glad I did, and the network and support system has been incredibly helpful. The program administrators are great and make an effort to connect you with resources. Part of the value is also community and encouragement in your job search or career change. For those interested in working at a CRO, it’s definitely a possibility if you are proactive. It always helps to be prompt, communicative, and respectful – both during the program and down the road!"

Sonya L.

"f you are looking for building career in the ever evolving dynamic field of clinical research, you are at the right place. I am here to share my true story 🙂 “ Clinical Research Fastrack “ works like magic, and I am proud to say that I am part of the Fastrack family. I tried for over a year to enter into this field without any success, I didn’t even get any interviews never mind actual position in research! I am so glad I took the leap of faith and enrolled in Clinical Research Fastrack. My journey started with one phone call with enrollment specialist Debbie. That call changed my life! I knew I belong in this industry, I just didn’t know where to start. Thats where this course comes in play, Fastrack well oiled system works wonders, all we have to do is pay attentions & follow their guidance! Whole team makes sure you are ready to go out there and seize your dream opportunity. Starting from giving needed skillset, foundation of research concepts, finding you best teachers, assigning you a mentor from team who all the time helps you with help you tailoring your resume for multiple roles that you find suitable for your profile, guide you in building network on linkedIn, interview strategies to mock interview prep as many times as you need, depending up on job profile for particular interview..Whole team of CRF made sure that I succeed in pursuing my goals and getting a dream role for myself. I couldn’t have done it without all the support from this amazing team of Clinical Research Fastrack, forever grateful heart. Thank you to everyone at Fastrack for helping me achieve my goals."

Sheetal M.

"I was skeptical, had doubts, did my research and watched plenty of video reviews, then took a chance on CRF. 3week into class I received my 1st call for a prn job opportunity, 4weeks into class I had multiple job interviews scheduled. 7weeks into class I accepted a job offer. I have not regrets and will choose CRF again in a heartbeat, they are the real deal. Their program is comprehensive, you not only learn the fundamentals of clinical research, they also help with resume building, career coaching, mentorship and interview prep. The efficiency at which they structure their program is unmatched. The care and attention they give each and every student is unbelievable. Am a registered nurse with years of experience and still had difficulty breaking into this industry but with the extensive amount of networking opportunity provided by CRF, the jobs opportunities literally came knocking and I was overwhelmed by the amount of positions I never realized I qualified for. If you have doubts, HERE IS YOUR SIGN! INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE with CRF!"

Dayo F.



"Clinical Research Fastrack really exceeded my expectations! I was subjected to so much useful information quickly and efficiently, and made so many connections! This program helped me secure a job in the clinical research industry and I cannot thank them enough!"

Elizabeth S.

Hired as a CRC


"Having just completed this intensive course I am supper excited to continue with my career. They did a great job of the in class section building on the material they give you in the prestudy. I am very glad I used this as a networking opportunity as well we met a lot of interesting people who are already in the industry."

Angela W.

Hired as a Lead CRC

@Newman Family Medicine

"I have been in research for several years and I still learned a ton by taking this course! All courses are taught by industry professionals that will guide you through all the Clinical Research related topics. Highly recommend to anyone trying to get started in clinical research or someone looking to broaden their knowledge."

Michael A.

Hired as a Site Manager


"Clinical Research Fastrack is one of the best decisions I could have made for my career. As a Registered Nurse I wanted to enter into the research field but had no idea how. CRF not only taught me thoroughly about the concepts involved in the clinical research field, but also helped in my job search, conducted interview training, and also helped me complete a strong resume that grasped employers attention. CRF has truly become family and set me up for success! Hands down, one of the best life choices I have made!"

Paris W.

Now an Associate Medical Writer


"2 years ago if you asked me, I never would have imagined that I would be a Site Director this quickly. I am really excited and thankful."

Alisa D.

Hired as a Clinical Research Professional

@Headlands Research Orlando

"Worth every penny! I am incredibly grateful to the team at Clinical Research Fastrack. Their efforts, classes, and suggestions were the reason I was able to break into the clinical research field. The instructors they bring in are extremely knowledgeable, their team cultivates a very warm learning environment, and they provide support as you endeavor to start/advance your career. I cannot thank them enough and would recommend anyone looking to transition to a career in clinical research to give them a call!"

Jan K.

Hired as a Clinical Research Professional

@Yale University

I wanted to send a thank you for all the assistance I received while finding my new position. I accepted a role that became available during my interview process at BRANY. I am the new Network Development Manager. It’s going to be exactly where my talents lie. I will be connecting Sponsors and CROs with new trials to PIs and sites as well as help grow the business. I am very thankful I took that leap (shout out to David) and this is exactly where I wanted to land. So another one to add to your book of successes. I hope to meet you at an up coming conference. I will be helping organize our conference activities. Have a great rest of the summer and celebrate!

Nicole L.

Now a Network Development Manager


"Where do I begin ? From the moment I contacted clinical research fast track, they have been like family to me. I learned so much within this training. I am thankful and happy that I made this decision to invest in myself for a career in clinical research. This is one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I got hired in the field of clinical research a month after completing the course as a CRC II. In between this time I was able to do an internship to physically see what it is like in the field of clinical research. The connections and instructors are amazing ! I am so excited to start my new career Monday. Thank you Clinical Research Fast Track."

Donchel B.

Now a CRA I

"Hello everyone out there from Clinical Research Fastrack program! I recently just accepted an offer from Image Information System to enter as a CRC role for this company! The Fastrack program is really great and it helps me answered all the questions they asked during the interview! At the end of the interview, they offered me this position right away and of course I accepted. Thank you very much to Clinical Fastrack Program staff members! David, Lauren B. Lauren w. and many others that I can't recall their name right now! If anyone is thinking about getting into this clinical research field, CLINICAL FASTRACK PROGRAM is DEFINITELY the number ONE on your list!"

Huy (Peter) D.

Hired as a Clinical Research Professional

@Image Information Systems Inc.

"Clinical Research Fastrack worked with me all through the training and support required towards getting my first job. I really appreciate the entire CRF team!"

Chinwe A.

Now a CRC

@Clinical Research Institute

"Program was intensive and practical, anchored by the best instructors in Clinical Research Industry. Nothing beats that."

Seun A.

"If you find yourself lost, wanting to help people, wanting to make a difference and start a new path, where do you even go? I cannot believe the amount of assistance I have had with Clinical Fastrack! In a time where everything is so strange and isolating, I found that the program brought me back to society, post-pandemic, and, with an amazing financial future."

Natalie G.

"Its a great platform to learn and build connections to land in your dream job in clinical research. I am really grateful to the entire CRF team for their support, motivation and career coaching which helped me to put my footsteps into clinical research industry."

Rasma N.

Now a Research Nursing Project Coordinator

@Illingworth Research Group

"I am an IMG from Turkey, I got this course and find an Clinical Research Asistant job in one month after finishing this intense, high quality course. I strongly suggest these course if you plan to build a career in clinical research area like me.The team is amazing so supportive and qualified. I am so gratefull them for their life-changing touch to me."

Belkis F.

Now a CRC

@Bio Behavioral Health

"I was very skeptical of joining Clinical Research Fastrack as I have done bachelors and masters in medical field and wasn’t sure at all how can I learn enough about something in a few weeks. Clinical Research course gave me a very solid foundation to learn about the field of clinical research. Within a month of completing the coursework, I was able to give a few interviews and now I’m working as a Clinical Research Coordinator. I am grateful for their mentorship and support. They genuinely want you to succeed!"

Unnati N.

"I am so appreciative to the team at CRF. The classes were very organized and informational. In addition to learning about clinical research, we were also taught pertinent interviewing skills, which helped me land my new position two weeks after completing the course! I highly recommend taking this course!"

Andrea A.

Now a Project Coordinator

@American Thrombosis and Hemostasis Network (ATHN)

"Training was really hands on. Instructors and staff were awesome . A lot of positive vibes shared by them. Career coaching is also provided with the training and they made sure that we are ready to get into the field. I can't thank each and every one of them enough. If you are ready to get into the clinical research field, definitely go for this course."

Ye Mon

Now a CRC

@Baptist Health MD Anderson Cancer Center

"The best platform to get hands on training, industry knowledge, connections and career coaching in the Clinical Research Field. I am extremely proud to have taken this decision to invest on my growth by taking this course. It is truly worth every penny. If you are passionate about science and healthcare/medicine and still looking for a rewarding career path Clinical Research might be the answer and Clinical Research Fastrack can arm you with everything you need to kick start/transition in this industry. Starting from industry leader instructors with their practical knowledge working at sites/CROs to incredible guidance and support from CRF mentors you will have everything you need to get hired in your desired position. The training is intense but it is good intense you actually learn stuff. I am so glad that I finished my training in July and within 3weeks had 3 competing offers from reputed and well known organizations without any industry job experience. If I can you can too. I would like to extend my gratitude to CRF team, my mentor Lauren Stockwell and every instructors."

Farzana M.

Now a Junior Associate IRB Coordinator


"I had an amazing experience with the Clinical Research FasTrack. The course contents they provide training on are symmetrical to the industry standards. I wanted to start my career into clinical research & Clinical Research FasTrack helped me a lot in pursuing my career goals. They provided me a very good helping hand with my job search as well. Today I am working in the clinical research industry & all has been possible due to the help I received from the program. I would recommend this program to anyone who wanted to start their career on clinical research."

Alokparna N.

Now a Country Approval Specialist


"This class has been an absolutely amazing and unforgettable experience. The amount of clinical research knowledge and skills I have now is incredible. The teachers, instructors, mentors, guest speakers and other CRF staff have been so helpful. It is hard to find career help these days but they certainly exceeded my expectations and instilled so much confidence in me to absolutely excel in this industry. I would recommend this course to anyone. Thank you Fastrack and God Bless!"

Nick H.

Now a Clinical Research Coordinator


"I am a recent trained clinical research professional. I was very skeptical when I found about the training and was not sure it was true. But the training was very rigorous and after that I was waiting for opportunities but to my surprise the training paid off got many job offers and I did accept the a job offer which I liked the most. All thank you to clinical research fastrack team!"

Sunitha M.

Now a Pharmacovigilance Specialist

@ProPharma Group

"One of the high rated clinical research training program out there in the market today. More than the training, you would be dealing with an amazing team who will guide through the entire process. I highly recommend this program for anyone trying to start a career in this industry."

Sini N.

Hired as a CTA

@South Denver Gastroenterology

"I had been applying to jobs in clinical research for over a year after being out of the clinical world for several years. When I found the Clinical Research Fastrack I was skeptical, my skepticism and concerns were comforted by the amazing team I met over the phone. I could feel how genuine and real they are and I could feel their passion. The program itself was intense, fast and full to the brim with all the necessary fundamentals of clinical research. To make it even better, the instructors and facilitators were all amazing. Full of passion, full of support and extremely real and personable. The instructors all are currently working in the field of clinical research, and happy to share their relevant advice and stories to help you really take in the importance of the content you are learning. The career coaches are amazing with their support, motivation and individual support. I started my new position as a Clinical Research Coordinator within a few weeks of my final exam. So grateful I found the Clinical Research Fastrack!! A true game changer!"

Therese Z.

Now a Clinical Research Coordinator

@NoesisPharma, LLC

"One day I was searching for a course for Clinical Research and I got Clinical Resaerch Fastrack. In the begining I was little apprehensive about the course but as I started and finished the 1st week of overpowering hours of studies it gave me lot of confidence to satrt my carrier in this field. I cannot wait to thank the fabulous mentors and teachers of the Fastrack team. They not only taught me about clinical resaerch but they also taught me about, how to stay positive and focused while you do anything. I love the whole team and its a must go if anyone wants to opt clinical reseasrch as career."

Dr. Anjali R.

Hired as a CRC II

@MGH Boston

"It was a wonderful experience learning from the professionals at Clinical Research Fastrack. Many thanks to Lauren Stockwell, Lauren Chang and Julia Martin for mentoring and most especially giving a professional touch to my resume. I completed the 80 hours Zoom session in July 2021. Got two offers in September for Project Assistant and CTA from top CRO's. I highly recommend this program. YOU WON’T REGRET IT!"

Kingsley N.

Hired as a CRC


"I learned a lot from this course. It gave me the necessary tools to be able to apply and work in the research industry. Everyone that I have known through this program, from the administrative persons, to the faculty and my classmates have been very helpful and a joy to work with. They guide you through the whole process. The 8 days of online course was intense but very worthwhile, a lot of information to digest but the staff were very supportive throughout. I am thankful to Clinical Research Fastrack for this opportunity."

Ma Jesusa C.

Hired as an Assistant CRC

@Benchmark Research

“If anyone is considering a career in Clinical Research, I HIGHLY recommend this program. This program is very informative and it will prepare you for your career in Clinical Research. You will not be disappointed. You will learn so much and everyone who is involved in this program is very passionate about Clinical Research and it shows in the way the classes are taught and how the overall program is presented. Clinical Research Fastrack wants their students to succeed in this field and will help every step of the way. I am glad I took this course and would recommend it to anyone that is considering getting into this field. Thanks Clinical Research Fastrack!”

Tiffany A.

Now a Clinical Research Assistant

@IMA Group

“I can't recommend any more highly Clinical Research Fastrack. With only a few weeks to prepare its students for their new careers, CRF makes the absolute best use of the time so you can go into your interviews (and first day on the job) with a solid knowledge base, a full roster of experienced (and very caring!) mentors to help you succeed, and much more. The program far exceeded my expectations!”

Taylor C.

Now a Clinical Research Professional

It was a wonderful experience learning from theprofessionals at Clinical Research Fastrack. Many thanks toLauren Stockwell, Lauren Chang and Julia Martin for mentoring and most especially giving a professional touch to my resume

Farzana Muhamed

NICU Clinical Research Nurse

Phoenix Children's Hospital

I completed the 80 hours Zoom session in July 2021. Got two offers in September for Project Assistant and CTA from top CRO's Got two offers in September for Project Assistant

DR. Anjali Rathore


IMA Group

One day I was searching for a course for Clinical Research and I got Clinical Resaerch Fastrack. In the begining I was little apprehensive about the course but as I started and finished the 1st week of overpowering hours of studies it gave me lot of confidence to satrt my carrier in this field. I cannot wait to thank the fabulous mentors and teachers of the Fastrack team. They not only taught me about clinical resaerch but they also taught me about, how to stay positive and focused while you do anything. I love the whole team and its a must go if anyone wants to opt clinical reseasrch as career.

Farzana Muhamed


IMA Group

I can't recommend any more highly Clinical Research Fastrack. With only a few weeks to prepare its students for their new careers, CRF makes the absolute best use of the time so you can go into your interviews (and first day on the job) with a solid knowledge base, a full roster of experienced (and very caring!) mentors to help you succeed, and much more. The program far exceeded my expectations!

Kathie Warfel


PhoenixChildren's Hospital

"Today I am working in the clinical research industry and all has been possible due to the help I received from this program."

Lisa Dang


PhoenixChildren's Hospital

If anyone is considering a career in Clinical Research, I HIGHLY recommend this program. This program is very informative and it will prepare you for your career in Clinical Research. You will not be disappointed. You will learn so much and everyone who is involved in this program is very passionate about Clinical Research and it shows in the way the classes are taught and how the overall program is presented. Clinical Research Fastrack wants their students to succeed in this field and will help every step of the way. I am glad I took this course and would recommend it to anyone that is considering getting into this field. Thanks Clinical Research Fastrack!!!!!!

Tiffany Alexander


IMA Group

Designed with careers in mind, our industry-leading courses have helped hundreds of aspiring Clinical Research professionals begin rewarding careers in this field.

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I've hired multiple Clinical Research Fastrack graduates and each one has been highly motivated, well-trained, and thoroughly prepared for success in this field.

Director of Diversity Training & Education
TOTAL Diversity Clinical Trial Management

Our career mentors
specialize in you.

All Clinical Research Fastrack courses include career coaching from the leading Clinical Research mentors in the U.S. Our coaches have helped hundreds of professionals land their dream roles.

Our career mentors
specialize in you.

All Clinical Research Fastrack courses include career coaching from the leading Clinical Research mentors in the U.S. Our coaches have helped hundreds of professionals land their dream roles.

I've hired multiple Clinical Research Fastrack graduates and each one has been highly motivated, well-trained, and thoroughly prepared for success in this field.

Director of Diversity Training & Education
TOTAL Diversity Clinical Trial Management

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