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Clinical Research Fastrack Career Advancement Training is designed to equip research professionals with the skills they need to move forward.

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Career Advancement Training

The Clinical Research Fastrack Career Advancement Training is an in-depth learning experience. Trainees will work one-on-one with a leading Clinical Research professional with extensive industry experience in management and site operations. Weekly meetings will consist of one-hour sessions, to be followed by assignments, reading, and professional development tasks between visits. The objective of this training is to provide the student with the resources they need over the course of one month to reach their professional goals and gain the skills they need to continue advancing in their career.

Site-Level Training

Empower the professionals at your organization to become leaders in the field of Clinical Research. Clinical Research Fastrack’s Career Advancement Training for sites provides entry-level or intermediate employees with the training they need to elevate the structure, organization, and efficiency of your clinical research institution.

Training for Individuals

Are you ready to take the next step in your career but don’t know what that step is? Or have you been passed over for promotions and new career opportunities?

Clinical Research Fastrack’s Career Advancement Training offers Clinical Research professionals one-on-one coaching and in-depth guidance to help them hone their skills and move forward. This course provides step-by-step training that covers where to look for opportunities, how to pursue them, and how to turn a potential promotion into a reality. How do we help? Through leadership development, professionalism training, and a focus on communications, we provide the support and career assistance that will allow you to advance your career.


This curriculum is highly specialized for researchers with at least two years of experience in the field with a foundational understanding of Clinical Research practices. Independent aspiring Clinical Research professionals, as well as corporations seeking training for entry-level new hires, please check out our bootcamp training program here.

Program Overview