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Tuition includes 192 hours of intensive training, the hands on internship, invaluable industry networks and job placement support!

Clinical Research Fastrack is Changing the way Research Coordinators are being trained

Scholarships offered to Support Student Success*

Financing is available for your entire tuition**
Clinical Research Fastrack is unlike any other training program that exists today for clinical research coordinators. Our training is intensive, comprehensive and designed to jumpstart the careers of clinical research coordinators.

We do not accept just any student. But qualified individuals will be put on the fastrack for an exciting career path. For those students who are admitted we have financing and scholarships readily available. Find out how you can get started in this exciting career.

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Scholarships Are Available!

Our industry is looking for qualified individuals and this profession is in demand.  Clinical research leaders and the Clinical Research Fastrack Board of Directors have teamed up to offer a wide variety of scholarships for academic excellence and financial need.

  1. Are you an excellent student looking for an exciting career?
  2. Are you a person who has experienced financial hardship but are ready to work hard and have the passion, intelligence and motivation to become a clinical research coordinator?
  3. Are you able to write an essay explaining your situation and turn in your transcripts and story to our admissions office?

If you answered yes to one of the first two questions above and are able to follow through on the third you could be eligible for a scholarship that will assist with your tuition.  Please contact our admissions department for more details.

Financing is Available!

Clinical Research Fastrack works with a variety of institutional lenders that can help pay for up to 100% of your tuition.  Please contact our admissions department to determine if you qualify.

Compare Clinical Research Fastrack to Other Programs

Clinical Research Fastrack packs into one month what other schools try to accomplish over a year or more. Other courses can take a year or two to complete and are sometimes impersonal, online courses. The other programs spread their hours over several semesters or quarters. They don’t offer internships and they don’t have the intensive network and job placement support that you will find at Clinical Research Fastrack. Our training is personalized, intense, and we will have you working closely with successfully industry professionals who are passionate about their work. Our training is industry focused. Our support is job focused. Our mission is your career.

Are you a veteran of our armed services?  Please ask us about how we honor those who have served our country.

*Scholarships are based on economic need and/or academic achievement. 

**Financing is available for the entire amount of tuition for qualifying lenders.

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