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Find out if you qualify for a Clinical Research Fastrack scholarship.

Clinical Research Fastrack is unlike any other training program that exists today for Clinical Research professionals. Our training is intensive, comprehensive, and designed to jumpstart your career in the Clinical Research industry.

We do not accept every applicant, but qualified individuals will be put on the Fastrack for an exciting career path! For admitted applicants, financing and scholarships are readily available. 


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More time ≠ more value.

Rather than investing two years in a master’s degree (and paying significantly more in tuition fees) at a university that provides little or no help with job placement, Clinical Research Fastrack trainees get to work one-on-one with career coaches, instructors, and specialists to help them prepare for interviews, tailor their resumes, and access a network of hiring managers at top research facilities. Plus, after training in under six weeks, graduates of the Clinical Research Fastrack program are moving into lucrative careers as CRAs, Data Managers, Clinical Research Coordinators, Regulatory Specialists, Clinical Research Nurses, Safety Project Leads, Clinical Pharmacists, Biostatisticians, and more.

Many go from low-income jobs or high-burnout careers with exhausting hours and no room to grow, to rewarding careers and high salaries in the field of clinical research — all within a matter of weeks or a few months. Clinical Research Fastrack’s value is in how fast our team is able to transform lives and help passionate, committed people enter this field that leading medical innovation.

* Scholarships are based on economic need and/or academic achievement. 

**Financing is available for the entire amount of tuition from qualifying lenders.