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Accelerated, Immersive Training

Clinical Research Fastrack’s accelerated, immersive training and mentorship courses are designed to equip professionals from all backgrounds for success in clinical research roles. Courses are available for both aspiring and current research professionals. All courses can be completed in under 6 weeks.

Workforce Training

The Clinical Research Fastrack Workforce Training Program is a highly intensive, accelerated, 4-day workshop course, designed to prepare your organization’s staff for the field of Clinical Research. This program differs from other Clinical Research Fastrack courses in that it is designed to serve research institutions, rather than individuals seeking a career in Clinical Research.

Career Advancement Training

The Clinical Research Fastrack Career Advancement Training is an in-depth learning experience for current Clinical Research professionals ready to move up in their careers. The objective of this training is to provide the student with the resources they need over the course of one month to reach their professional goals and gain the skills they need to continue advancing in their career.

Bootcamp Training

This 3-6 week course provides comprehensive training in clinical trial facilitation practices, delivered by active Clinical Research professionals from sites, CROs, sponsors, and other research institutions, across the U.S.

Bootcamp Training


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working in Clinical Research facilities.


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What's Next After Training?

After completing the classroom training, a student will have the option to be placed in an externship at one of our partnering research sites, helping to run active clinical trials. Here, the student gains hands-on experience supporting the research team at the site. This opportunity provides the chance to be involved in every step of the trial process, as well as to perform several “mock trials” in order to cover all aspects of the curriculum.

This continuing nursing education activity was approved
by the Continuing Nursing Education Group, an accredited
approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s
Commission on Accreditation.

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Hear what fromer graduates from all backgrounds have to say about their training
experience at Clinical Research Fastrack.

I hope this message finds you well! I want to express my deep gratitude for your invaluable support and guidance throughout my job search. I am thrilled to share the news that I have successfully landed a job at James J. Peters VA Hospital in the Bronx, and I couldn't have done it without your expertise and encouragement. Your insights into the job market, your advice on crafting a compelling resume and cover letter, and your coaching on interview techniques were instrumental in helping me secure this position. [...] I look forward to staying in touch and updating you on my progress in this new role. Please let me know if there is anything you need from my end as well. I am always looking to learn more and go further in this career path so any resource, guidance, or opportunities would be greatly appreciated.

Amreen P.

I want to send my sincere thank you to the entire team at Clinical Research Fastrack. Your dedication and constant support to our class was amazing. I went into this course with no specific expectations of what it would be like, and I was blown away with the classroom experience. With all of my new education, it is now clear to me why I was not the best candidate for jobs I have previously applied to. I have also learned that I was not presenting myself and the skills I bring effectively. These realizations are an important step in the growth I have and need to continue making for success in this industry. I know that I still have a lot of work to do but I feel encouraged and hopeful about the future. I wish you all the very best and I hope you too pursue the goals and dreams of your own lives.

Celina M.

Fastrack is exceptional and amazing. To be honest I never expected this high quality support and training from all the Instructors. This is more than just training. I think its the drive to see someone getting better and getting what he/she desires. Thank you David and Team.


Lauren!!! I'm reading my first protocol to prep for my first SIV next week! My manager and team are amazing and I already am loving this job 🙂 I did a ton of online trainings these past two weeks and honestly CRF was a better / much more engaging way for me to learn all this stuff and have it actually stick. Just wanted to send my many thanks to you and the CRF team again

Lauren T-W.

Hello David and Julia,I trust all is well and more people are getting enrolled in clinical trials training to make the world a better place! I am currently in Rwanda where I am contributing to shape the national clinical research enterprise, and I have to say I am so glad I took the CRC course. The Clinical Research Fast Track helped me understand how the industry functions and with further reading, I am able to provide informed guidance to the national team enhancing the clinical trials environment/ecosystem. This note is to thank you and may be if need arise, I may reach out for support in local training!Kind regards, Kathy

Kathy K.

Had an amazing experience with fastrack. The boot camp was very engrossing. The speakers each one of them were so much full of motivation and openness to share their experiences. All in all a very good programme to be in.

Anita S.

An outstanding Clinical Research Training experience! I am an IMG and was wondering on how I could grow my career within the U.S. with my previous medical experience. Throughout this course I gained confidence about my medical knowledge and learned different ways that I can be a great asset within the Research Community. The interactive classes were absolutely empowering. You get the chance to give your intake about different topics. There was always a positive energy throughout the entire course. Besides gaining knowledge about how clinical trials are conducted I but also gained an amazing mentorship that helped me out to obtain an amazing position within the Clinical Research community.

Ruth F.

I really recommend Clinical Research Fastrack to anyone who is trying to get into clinical research and do not know where to start. I have been applying for entry level jobs in research for the past two years, getting interviews but couldn't ace them because I did not know the lingo of clinical research. This gives you a broad overview and will prepare you for those interviews!The team is amazing, they are so very kind and are there for you every step of the way!

Aayushi S.

The best decision i ever made was enrolling with Clinical Research fastrack. As a Graduate nurse, my wish is to move forward into a fulfilling career that will allow me improve on my skills and applicable knowledge.Clinical Research gave me the require foundation to start working confidently in the field as Clinical Research Analyst. what stood out to me ,was the dedication, commitment and positive learning environment as well as insightful guidance from all the instructors. CRF is the best!

Bunmi A.

Being a graduate of Clinical Research Fastrack changed my career trajectory to a better direction. I love the team's dynamic, love for one another, and the constant support they pour out to their students. I'm thrilled to have been part of it. They introduced me to Clinical Research, and I did not regret this process one bit. I recommend someone do it and watch your life transform for the better.

Rhode B.

Clinical Research Fastrack provides with a strong fundamental knowledge about the field. The staff is extremely helpful and caring. The industry professionals who are the class instructors provide very practical knowledge about the field. The classroom exercises gives a hands on learning experience. Highly recommend Clinical Research Fastrack if you are looking to crack into clinical research.

Kavitha C.

Clinical research fastrack change my life, they open my eyes into the world of research, the training was intense but worth it the teachers were amazing and they were able to prepare me to face my future thank you all.

Suzel K.

I learned a lot for Fastrack, and though it took sometime, connections between a Fastrack mentor and my current company, got me this job. The connections you get from this training may be more important that the training itself as there is a lot to learn even after it, but because of Fastrack, I am currently a Clinical Budget Associate helping trials get off the ground

Alexander M.

Thank you Fastrack for such a wonderful training which enabled me to enter the industry. That was not only trainig but also mentoring, career coaching and much more. Hope you all success to help others who are interested in clinical research.

Sofia H.

My background is primarily preclinical research, and this program helped me gain the foundations of clinical research. Getting a job in the clinical research field is hard, but if you are willing to put in the work and follow your mentor’s advice, I recommend it!

Tania R.

I found Clinical Research Fastrack and knew after reading their reviews and talking with a member of their recruitment team I knew it would be a good fit. If you put everything into the program and make connections with presenters throughout, it is absolutely well worth the money and time. I was hired as a Research Assistant a month after completing the program and promoted to a Clinical Research Coordinator within 2 months on the job. If you are dedicated and motivated to obtain a career in the clinical research field, I highly recommend this program!

Sydney D.

Clinical Research Fastrack is one of the best decisions I could have made for my career. As a Registered Nurse I wanted to enter into the research field but had no idea how. CRF not only taught me thoroughly about the concepts involved in the clinical research field, but also helped in my job search, conducted interview training, and also helped me complete a strong resume that grasped employers attention. CRF has truly become family and set me up for success! Hands down, one of the best life choices I have made!

Paris W