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Welcome to the Fastrack 15!

In this short, fifteen-minute podcast, hosts David Silberman, CEO of Clinical Research Fastrack, and Lauren Ballina Chang, National Program Director, will explore the Clinical Research industry and what makes this field unlike any other area of healthcare!

“Is a career in Clinical Research right for you? What’s happening in the field right now? And who are the experts behind the scenes? Join us as we connect with leaders in the field to hear real-life experiences from the frontlines of healthcare. Don’t have much time on your hands? Don’t worry, it’s only fifteen minutes!” 

David Silberman, Founder & CEO, Clinical Research Fastrack

Season One

Season One guest speakers include Clinical Research professionals from Ventavia Research, PPD, Inc., PRA Health Sciences, Syneos Health Research, Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University, and Clinical Research Fastrack.

Season One Teaser!

Episode One: What Is Clinical Research?

What is Clinical Research? In this brief pilot episode, series hosts David Silberman and Lauren Ballina Chang introduce the topic of clinical research and discuss what it takes to start a career in this field.

Episode Two: Introducing Clinical Research Fastrack

What is Clinical Research Fastrack? David and Lauren are joined by Fastrack’s very first graduate to discuss the company’s bootcamp training and career support! Guest speaker Amy Raymond is now the Director of Therapeutic Expertise, Center for Rare Diseases at PRA Health Sciences.

Episode Three: Steps to Become a CRA!

Special guest speaker Elizabeth Weeks Rowe, author of “The CRA’s Guide to Monitoring Clinical Research” joins David and Lauren to explore the role of a Clinical Research Associate and the steps it takes to get started in this position in research.

Episode Four: Is Clinical Research Right for You?

How do you know if a career in Clinical Research is right for you? In this episode, David, Lauren and special guest speaker Jamaica Cundiff examine some of the key traits of a Clinical Research professional.

Episode Five: Vulnerable Populations in Clinical Research – Pediatrics

Longtime pediatrics researcher William Jones guest stars in this episode on the topic of vulnerable populations. William shares some of the special circumstances that accompany working with children in clinical trials, as well as some of the most meaningful successes in his career.

Episode Six: Are You Qualified To Be A Clinical Research Professional?

Can a doctor become qualified to work in Clinical Research? The answer is YES! Can a plumber become qualified to work in Clinical Research? Also YES! In this episode, David and Lauren look back at some of Fastrack’s most successful students and the diverse backgrounds that led them to the field of Clinical Research.

Episode Seven: Growing in Research – Endlessly Fun!

Guest speaker Amy Raymond, Director of Therapeutic Expertise, Center for Rare Diseases at PRA Health Sciences, returns to share more about moving up the ranks in Clinical Research. Prior to training at Clinical Research Fastrack, Amy struggled to get hired in research, despite her strong educational background. But once she got started in the industry, there was no stopping her! In this episode, she shares some of her secrets for success with David and Lauren.

Episode Eight: The Road Less Traveled: Pathways in Clinical Research

In this episode, David and Lauren interview Jasmine Irby, a Clinical Research professional with a unique background and entry into the field of research. Jasmine shares stories from the years she spent working at some of the most prominent CROs in the industry and offers advice on creating your own career path.

Episode Nine: Lab Research vs. Clinical Research – What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference between lab research and Clinical Research? David and Lauren, joined by Fastrack graduate Luisa Hernandez, answer this question and others as they explore the relationship between the two fields. Now employed at Emory Winship Cancer Institute, Luisa Hernandez shares her journey from lab research to Clinical Research.

Episode Ten: Elizabeth Weeks Rowe – Making Waves in Clinical Research!

Special guest speaker Elizabeth Weeks Rowe, author of “The CRA’s Guide to Monitoring Clinical Research” returns on this episode of the Fastrack 15! David, Lauren, and Elizabeth discuss the diversity of backgrounds and personalities in the Clinical Research industry as well as the passion you need to succeed in this field.

Episode Eleven: Can You Become Certified In Clinical Research?

Do you really need a certification to start your career in Clinical Research? In this episode of the Fastrack 15, David and Lauren discuss common misconceptions about certifications in the industry, as well as topics such as GDP, SOCRA, and ACRP.

Clinical Research is changing the future of medicine! Come join us!

Listen to the Fastrack 15 to learn more about how the field of Clinical Research is shaping the future of medicine! 

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