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2015 New Drug Approvals Hit 66 Year High: Countless Job Opportunities in Clinical Research Created

Partial Sampling of Open Positions Shows over 30,000 Jobs. Clinical Research Fastrack Opening Doors to Applicants

More FDA drugs were approved in 2015 than in any of the past 66 years since 1950 (Forbes Jan. 4, 2016) highlighting the strength of the rapidly growing clinical trial industry. The field of clinical research is creating thousands of new jobs nationwide providing exciting opportunities in for people entering this field.

The nationwide job demand for Clinical Research Coordinators who run clinical trials is sky high. A recent survey from LinkedIn shows over 30,000 open clinical research positions in just 19 states that were selected for this article.

While jobs are abundant, breaking into this industry can be challenging. The catch 22 in this highly regulated industry is that employers are skeptical of candidates unless they have prior experience in the field. Clinical trials are closely monitored and the coordinators running studies need to be well trained to perform this specialized task. As a result, many job openings lay vacant as the healthcare companies search for qualified candidates. Job applicants are asking themselves, “If all the jobs require experience, how can I get that experience?”

Enter industry leader Clinical Research Fastrack who is disrupting the training industry by offering a program that provides highly relevant experience (even more-so than the leading universities) in a 4-week intensive program. Clinical Research Fastrack combines classroom training with hands on practical experience at a clinical trial site. They also leverage a partnership with leading clinical research recruitment firm to assist their graduates in lining up job interviews. With so many job openings available, Clinical Research Fastrack is providing the clinical trial industry with the missing link to talent at a critical time in this field’s growth.

Survey of Job Openings Around the United States
(partial list)

Below are clinical research jobs open as of August 22, 2016 from 20 states around the country. CRC/RA refers to positions as Clinical Research Coordinators or Clinical Research Associates. The average salary in the United States for a Clinical Research Coordinator with 2 years of experience is $57,300 and a Clinical Research Associate is over $75,000 per year.

Alabama as a whole: 277 clinical research jobs, 38 CRC/RA related jobs
Arizona as a whole: 2187 clinical research jobs, 213 CRC/RA related jobs
California as a whole: 8405 clinical research jobs, 902 CRC/RA related jobs
Colorado as a whole: 1117 clinical research jobs, 125 CRC/RA related jobs
Washington DC: 2084 clinical research jobs, 221 CRC/RA related jobs in area
Florida as a whole: 3022 clinical research jobs, 402 CRC/RA related jobs
Georgia as a whole: 2224 clinical research jobs, 210 CRC/RA related jobs
Illinois as a whole: 2303 clinical research jobs, 327 CRC/ RA related jobs in area
Indiana as a whole: 815 clinical research jobs, 61 CRC/RA related jobs
Iowa as a whole: 319 clinical research jobs, 55 CRC/RA related jobs
Minnesota as a whole: 1803 clinical research jobs, 178 CRC/ RA related jobs in area
Missouri as a whole: 1053 clinical research jobs, 144 CRC/RA related jobs
Nebraska as a whole: 458 clinical research jobs, 73 CRC/RA related jobs
New York as a whole: 4786 clinical research jobs, 636 CRC/RA related jobs
Nevada as a whole: 253 clinical research jobs, 32 CRC/RA related jobs
Ohio as a whole: 2199 clinical research jobs, 259 CRC/RA related jobs
South Carolina as a whole: 528 clinical research jobs, 44 CRC/RA jobs
Texas as a whole: 4706 clinical research jobs, 476 CRC/RA related jobs
Utah as a whole: 659 clinical research jobs, 64 CRC/RA related jobs
Washington as a whole: 2083 clinical research jobs, 220 CRC/RA related jobs

As research continues to find new treatments to improve the quality and length of our lives this industry that includes the pharmaceutical industry, medical device companies and academic researchers will only get larger.

If you can visualize yourself helping coordinate studies at physicians’ offices or hospitals; collecting data, interacting with patients, taking their vitals, and coordinating the paperwork this just may be the right career choice for you. If you have a passion for helping others, and want to improve the quality of their lives by advancing new healthcare treatments, this career could be for you. Clinical research professionals typically work a 9 – 5 weekday schedule and earn a very attractive income. The potential for advancement is endless. To find out more, feel free to request more information about how to enter this industry at: