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Partnership with Elligo Health Research

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, APRIL 1ST, 2021 – The only path forward in medicine is through clinical trials. That is why Clinical Research Fastrack is proud to publicly announce our ongoing partnership with Elligo Health Research. By providing their new employees with intensive training on how to run clinical trials as well as providing them with a pipeline of new hires from our pool of talented trainees, together we are bringing the hope of new treatments and cures to those who need it most. Elligo Health Research is a leading integrated research organization with access to over 100 community-based healthcare practices. Elligo’s transformative model brings clinical trial opportunities to over 100 million diverse patients, accelerating the development of new pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, and diagnostic products.

“Clinical Research Fastrack provides an exceptional training foundation for those new to the industry,” said Dr. John Potthoff, CEO of Elligo Health Research. “The new employees we’ve sent through this program have a wonderful grounding to begin their research roles and, in an industry that needs new talent, Fastrack is an important enabler to broaden the talent pool.”

Both organizations recognize the need for onboarding new and highly-trained Clinical Research professionals as this field continues to grow and evolve.

“We’re thrilled to be able to closely affiliate with an organization that shares our drive, passion, and commitment to bettering the Clinical Research industry,” Clinical Research Fastrack Co-Founder and CEO, David Silberman, said of the partnership. “Elligo has sent an incredible group of their talented employees to us for training and continues to hire our individually-trained graduates. We’re proud to support their growth initiative and ensure that their team is collecting the best quality data possible.”

“The relationship between Fastrack and Elligo supports our overall goal of advancing research,” Lauren Ballina Chang, Program Director at Clinical Research Fastrack, commented. “We know that the students we send to Elligo will continue to grow, learn, and succeed as they gain experience at one of the leading Clinical Research site networks in the U.S.”

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The clinical research market is over $150 billion strong and Clinical Research Fastrack is helping provide qualified entry-level staff to fill the high demand for these positions. Clinical Research Fastrack’s unique, intensive short courses prepare budding professionals to succeed in the vibrant research sector where they have significant opportunities for growth.

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