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Clinical Research Coordinators are in high demand!

When college students are exploring what they want to do later in life, careers such as medicine, nursing, law, engineering and business often come to mind.  But rarely do young people think that they want to become “clinical research coordinators.” Instead, health science majors may go into lab related research or study to become doctors or nurses or even hospital administrators. 

Due to the low visibility of this profession we are now seeing a scarcity in the supply of clinical research coordinators and increasing demand from the scientific community. This means that clinical research jobs are in high demand and clinical research training financing is available too! Clinical research organizations, medical device companies, biotechnology companies, hospitals and universities are all hiring and looking for coordinators with the right training and experience.

A quick job search on the popular job website Indeed reveals hundreds of openings for this position.  The job opportunities are plentiful and with comprehensive training a student can launch an amazing career.  Not only that, but this field has ample opportunities for upward mobility and professional development.