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Save Time, Cut Costs: Effective & Faster Onboarding

You’re tired of slow and ineffective onboarding strategies. Maybe you have a limited budget to hire new people and want to take advantage of engaging new hires and personalizing the experience. We are passionate about delivering the highest quality, hands-on, and intensive training that site-level Clinical Research professionals need.

Clinical Research Fastrack is an organization that stays on the cutting edge of healthcare and is focused on upskilling professionals in the industry and creating a diverse workforce that is prepared to move into the field. Your pain points are our sweet spot; let us help you reduce recruitment expenses and the cost of training new staff by finding qualified Clinical Research professionals your organization can feel confident hiring.  

Gain A Valuable Employee, trained and ready to work in Clinical Research.

Through our TransCelerate-approved Bootcamp program, Clinical Research professionals who are passionate and eager to break into the field are trained by leading industry experts. Our graduates come from a wide variety of educational and professional backgrounds. 

Clinical Research Fastrack can help you build a pipeline of talent for the future and hire new staff that represents the diverse communities we serve. See why our graduates are getting hired in record numbers nationwide! We’ll send you resumes of available candidates at no cost to your organization. Find qualified candidates and successfully onboard new hires. 

Why Hire Our Graduates?

No Cost Recruiting
We work to connect you with qualified Clinical Research candidates at zero-cost.
Industry Experts
Courses are taught by active directors, managers, CRAs, and specialists from leading Clinical Research institutions across the U.S.
Diversify Your Team
Our students and graduates have various degrees of professional and educational backgrounds.

Where Our Graduates Are Working

Clinical Research Fastrack graduates are working at the top research institutions in the U.S.
Is your organization hiring? Partner with us to connect with trained candidates.

With the Clinical Research Fastrack Workforce Training Program, you can quickly train new hires over four days and onboard them even faster. This program is designed to relieve your organization from the burden of training and prepare your staff for an industry that’s constantly evolving and influencing the future of health and science. 

Courses are taught by directors, CRAs, and managers who are active specialists from leading Clinical Research institutions across the U.S. Our immersive training program also offers refresher sessions that allow your team to review sections of the training and reinforce their industry knowledge.