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Advance your research site to the top of the industry by hosting the leading principal investigators in the field. 

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Overview of Fastrack Training

Our comprehensive 16-hour Principal Investigator (PI) training will equip you, your practice and/or your hospital, with the fundamental skills and knowledge required of lead investigators in a clinical trial. This course offers an advanced overview of the variations between Clinical Research and standard care and guidance on how to best navigate your site’s entry into the Clinical Research industry.

Industry Benefits

Advance Your Site Through Clinical Research


Offer Clinical Research as a care option for existing patients, providing new options, more extensive treatment, and increased support.


Sponsored trials earn anywhere from $50,000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Adding trials to your practice or increasing the number of running trials opens the door to new opportunities and additional revenue.


Play a key role in creating new treatments that will ultimately advance medicine and save lives.



Contribute to the future of medicine: Today’s Clinical Research leads to tomorrow’s treatments and cures! Adding Clinical Research to your practice allows you to influence medical innovation, improve healthcare, and become a leader in scientific development.

Advance your site: Improve your site’s credibility and professional reputation by hosting the most qualified principal investigators in the field. Clinical Research experience adds value and relevance to your site’s best practices, opening further doors for professional advancement.

Gain access to cutting edge treatments: As a research site, your patients will have access to cutting edge treatments that cannot be prescribed outside of participation in clinical trials, providing the previously unavailable opportunities for rehabilitation and healing.

Increase revenue to your practice: Adding Clinical Research to your practice can introduce a significant new revenue stream without the additional hassle of insurance. Clinical trials sponsored by pharmaceutical companies typically pay anywhere from $50,000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars for each trial. Practices that participate in research often have 5-10 trials running simultaneously, bringing in nearly a million dollars of additional revenue each year.

Acquire new skills: Help your team of principal investigators expand their skills and grow professionally by enabling them to engage with the latest treatments and best practices. This not only helps your team stay up to date with new strategies but also generates additional credibility for your site.

Be a leader: Help shape the future of the medical community through your contributions in the field of clinical research.


A leader in the field of Clinical Research education, Clinical Research Fastrack pairs innovative training practices with a network of experienced researchers to offer sites and individuals a comprehensive course in Clinical Research best practices, skills, connections, and knowledge.

Our team of experts leverage scientific discovery and support our clients to succeed in a dynamic healthcare environment. Automation, mobile computing, social media, robotics, biotechnology and genomic research are changing the way we live and work. Clinical Research Fastrack is an organization that strongly values personal human interaction and tradition while we nimbly embrace modern disruptive technologies to improve the way we perform research. Our team opens up research opportunities to new communities and contributes meaningfully to current research sites, empowering them to thrive.


A typical practice is not equipped to instantly introduce clinical research into their existing infrastructure but Clinical Research Fastrack will provide the training and support needed to prepare your entire staff for success. This partnership allows you to bypass many of the challenges typically faced when starting out in research. Clinical Research Fastrack offers site-level solutions to support practices through every step of this process.

Our team of experts works with you to add hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional revenue to your site. Beyond training, we will support and advise your practice as needed to help you win new trials and develop your team of clinical research coordinators, regulatory personnel, and research administrators.


Clinical Research Fastrack is made up of talented and experienced pioneers in research and in bootcamp training.  Our combined and diverse knowledge in conjunction with our extensive connections in the industry allows us to bring proven experience and innovative best practices to our trainees and clients.

Below are a few biographies of some of the key members of our team.

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Meet the Whole Team

Clinical Research Fastrack is made up of talented and experienced pioneers in research and in bootcamp training. Our combined, diverse knowledge in conjunction with our extensive connections in the industry allows us to bring proven experience and innovative best practices to our trainees and clients.