Clinical Research Fastrack

Chris O’Brien

This review is from Chelsea Roman—-for some reason it will only let me post under my fiances google account 🙂

If I could give Clinical Research Fastrack more than 5 stars I would!! This course is a lot of hard work, but SO worth every minute. I recently started my role as a CRC but needed to learn the basics, and I did, but I learned SO much more than that in the 8 days of class. Not only do I feel more confident in my new position, but I have networked with some amazing people, and met classmates that I can call my friends! The instructors and CEO are nothing short of phenomenal, not only are they are incredibly knowledgeable, but have such a huge passion for research, and truly care about each and every individual who enrolls. I hope to see this company grow, and hopefully put out more classes in the future!!!