Clinical Research Fastrack

Colleen H.

I am so glad I pushed past my initial skepticism and enrolled in this program! After being laid off from my job due to COVID-19, I decided to take that as an opportunity to shift from academic animal research into clinical research, as I had been wanting to do that for awhile. During my initial job search, I soon realized that I needed more training to get my foot in the door and successfully make that transition, and I came across Clinical Research Fastrack. Getting trained in Clinical Research in under 2 months rather than the 1-2 year diploma/masters programs I had 1st considered, seemed too good to be true, but I decided to give it a chance, and I was immediately glad that I had. The program not only provided me quality, thorough, engaging instruction in the specific knowledge necessary for clinical research, but also gave me amazing job search coaching and support specific to the clinical research field, helped build my confidence, and motivated me to proactively reach out and network successfully. My job search still took perseverance and hard work, as I had to persuade employers that I could be successful without previous work experience in clinical research, but it was definitely doable, and the Clinical Research Fastrack team coached and supported me through all of it. Only 10 days after completing my post study modules (6 weeks after the in-class portion), I got an amazing offer from one of my dream companies as a remote clinical site monitor, at 20K more per year than I was making before, and with incredible career growth potential! I couldn’t have gotten to this point without the knowledge and support from the team at Clinical Research Fastrack, and I will be forever grateful to them!