Clinical Research Fastrack

Jessica V.

When you find yourself at a crossroads and looking to make a career change, it can seem like the scariest, most uncertain time imaginable. When you finally make that leap of faith, I can assure you that that uncomfortable feeling won’t got away. But what I can assure you, is you’ll have support every step of the way. When you step outside your comfort zone to finally make a change it feels so scary, uncomfortable, and you doubt yourself every step of the way. Sometimes though, your success through such a transitional time can really be dependent on the support you have. Not having the right support may mean not being successful when trying to make a change. The team at CRF will be your source of amazing support every step of the way. I had my doubts and didn’t sleep the entire two weeks before class. After going through the course, I have more confidence then I ever had before. What’s more, you’ll find yourself with a “family” of supporters helping ensure your success. It’s an amazing feeling. I could have easily gone to a university to do another masters program, but never would I be able to complete that and have such individual, “customized” attention cheering me on like I have through CRF. It is with greatest gratitude that I thank CRF for being there for me; being my rock, helping me become a rockstar and helping me find my confidence I lost at some point somewhere along the way.