Clinical Research Fastrack

Justin B.

“After working at the bench for four years, it was time for a career transition. Clinical Research FastTrack is an intensive program that prepares candidates for careers in the clinical research industry; some of the roles recent grads land are clinical research coordinator and clinical trial assistant to name a few. The program is 8 hours a day for about 7 days and covers a variety of different topics from ICH/GCP and the regulatory binder, to clinical operations. Once you begin the program, you’re paired with a mentor who helps review your resume and cover letter. And before starting the class, you’re given pre-study material that briefly covers all the topics reviewed in class. FastTrack hires instructors who are seasoned and experienced; they teach you what you need to know to land a job, and are they’re highly enthusiastic. I was skeptical at first, but I realized that the instructors were all open to providing their contact information and answering any questions. Clinical research is a highly regulated field, and there is a ton of jargon that you must be familiar with in order to stand out. In addition, FastTrack emphasizes telling your story and marketing yourself. During lectures, we were introduced to our instructors via zoom, and we would each have one minute to provide a brief bio of ourselves and our aspirations for joining the field. I must have practiced this fifty times during class, and on the last day it was flawless. It helped me tremendously in the interview. After class, I took advantage of Fastrack’s network and added over 200 clinical research professionals on Linkedin. I posted about various research topics, which increased my visibility. However, being associated with Fastrack definitely helped me again more visibility. Because of this program, I’m now starting a position at a CRO/Sponsor. This is a fantastic program, but just come in with a good attitude and show a passion for this field! Lastly, take their advice!”