Clinical Research Fastrack

Karuniya Ramanathan

In a nutshell ”Phenomenal”. One of the best moves I have ever made this year was enrolling into Clinical Research Fastrack. Over the moon with my decision, the faculty at Fastrack are cherry picked from the industry giving students the best experience possible. The curriculum at Fastrack is so impressive that even the most overwhelming material is broken down and simplified in such a way that the information lingers on and stays etched in one’s mind even after the end of the course. The entire team right from the CEO, the National Program Director, the Associate Program Director etc.. are outstanding, they constantly support you throughout the entire process. The best part about the program besides the academic information provided through this course is the help the student receives in finding a position in clinical research. Even the most trivial query or a mind boggling doubt regarding clinical research would be answered promptly by the team. Clinical Research Fastrack brought out the best in me, the support and information provided through this course helped me find positions in clinical research. It’s a one stop solution for finding a way to enter into the world of clinical research. Totally stoked !!!