Clinical Research Fastrack

Megan H.

I have been meaning to write a review from when I took this course last year. D’oh!!! I took the course in Scottsdale, AZ. First off, I was working as a CNA when I saw the ad for Clinical Research Fasttrack and I was miserable. Things were hard as a single mom and I knew I needed to continue my education past my associates. I can now do that thanks to Clinical Research Fasttrack.

The course has a pre-study component that (you SHOULD finish in a week) as well as, If I remember 80 hours in class time. After you finish the course you do a post study component (you SHOULD finish in a week) and a 2 week internship. The pre and post study you can do online at home. Sound overwhelming? Really its not.You have to put the time aside. Or you can just replace the time you watch T.V. or scroll through social media and you will have plenty of time. If i can do it as a single mom YOU can do it!

I have read some reviews about Clinical Research Fasttrack being a scam. I assure you it is not. Honestly, if you don’t get a job in research after this program that is all on YOU not them. They give you EVERYTHING to succeed and much much more. I worked really hard to get to where I am and I couldn’t have done it without Clinical Research Fasttrack’s help or Jeannie for that matter she is amazing!. With anything in life you do to better yourself, it wasn’t always easy but it was worth it! I make double what I was making before and working in research is extremely rewarding.

When it comes to the program, you can fight it as much as you like but you have to network and talk to people. That is your way into research. You won’t get into research without a certificate program either. Sorry you have to take it.

Right now I work as a clinical research manager at a cardiologist office. It is so rewarding and I have learned so much. Helping people in heart failure is incredible. In research we are able to offer them an alternative to what we offer on the market right now. Seeing positive physical and mental changes in my patients that were down and out before means the world to me! I helped them achieve that!

Please do not take someone else’s word for it. Always make your own decisions with your own mind. Look into the program talk to people and form your own decision. Still not completely sure? Take some time out of your day and go visit with them at Clinical Research Fasttrack! Sit in on a class for a few mins.I am giving them 5 stars because they are worth that!