Clinical Research Fastrack

Samantha M.

Clinical Research Fastrack is wonderful and I’m so glad I found them and took a chance! And that they took a chance on me by accepting me as a student! Everyone who works for CRF is amazing and so kind, caring, passionate, encouraging, and knowledgeable. You get to meet and learn from many current professionals in the industry, with various roles and years of experience. They really do provide you with a strong foundation to enter clinical research and succeed. I did my 8 days of training in mid/late March and now in May, I have been hired full time. I have never worked in research before but with the training I received from CRF I have been able attend 2 SIV meetings and not feel lost at all. I knew the terminology they were using and was able to keep up/follow along with the conversation and proceedings. Everything they teach you will be used on the job. It is very tailored training. But besides the industry knowledge they provide, the career assistance and advice/tips/tricks they give you is INVALUABLE. I am so grateful for CRF. They helped me fulfill my goal to enter clinical research and I’m excited for my career. Oh and because of COVID, they had to have all instruction move online. They didn’t have much time to make the transition but they nailed it and it seemed like it was always meant to be online. They went above and beyond to ensure we still got the full quality of training they’re known for.