Clinical Research Fastrack

Tein L.

When all else fails to try to get into the clinical research field; this is a great investment to enroll. One looking for an opportunity should consider this program. It is a great booster aiding you to get recognized; especially someone who does not have a scientific background and who is thirsty to enter this world on clinical trials without being swiped or your resume being thrown out. This program allows each lecture being taught to you by different CR professionals ranging from small to large companies such as Mayo Clinic, Synexus, and much more. Each session takes in a carefully selected amount of dedicated potential students and allocating them in a small classroom setting to permit students to make professional connections with other like-minded pupils and the best CR professionals all around come in to teach a lecture along with hands-on and situational activities; they are willing to teach to better prepare and improve the works behind the clinical research field by sharing their own stories, do’s and don’ts, tips, and what they are looking for in a CR professional. They could only do so much as fast as they could but they do their utmost best to get you the internship at a particular location you want and job placement (personally, I am lucky to have these two happen so quickly for me), but you need continue be the driver and not be the passenger. Without this program, I would not be where I am today.