Clinical Research Fastrack

Sarah Hargett

Sarah, a native of the Pacific Northwest, brings a wealth of experience in operations, payroll and administrative support to her professional endeavors. Her true passion lies in working collaboratively to help students achieve their academic aspirations. Beyond her career, Sarah enjoys traveling and savoring diverse culinary experiences with friends and family, cherishing the value of … Read more

Courtney Herman

Courtney is a Communications Specialist at Clinical Research Fastrack. Helping people and trying to make a difference are among the many things she is passionate about. She enjoys taking her husband and kids on adventures as often as possible. When she’s not at work, you can find her watching scary movies and crime shows or … Read more

Tamara Langston

Tamara Langston I am the Human Resource Associate at Clinical Research Fastrack. Tamara was born and raised in Southern California. Tamara has a strong background in Health care, Psychology, and Behavior Analysis with a passion for making change. Tamara’s hope is to continue to change the lives of others and continue to grow in the … Read more

Eden Auston

Eden was born and raised in Central Texas. They currently are living in the Texas Hill Country with their husband and daughter while preparing for college and managing a small business. Eden has a strong background in Sales, Business Management and a passion for helping others. They hope to further pursue that passion by becoming … Read more

Bailey Pitts

Bailey is a Montana native who has a background in Business Management and Data Analysis. She loves working at Clinical Research Fastrack because she loves helping students achieve their goals and succeed in the field of Clinical Research!