Clinical Research Fastrack

Mark Hanley

Mark Hanley is a visionary in the healthcare industry who has dedicated his career to improving the quality of care across multiple disciplines. With a long history contributing to the clinical trial industry, Hanley has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Radiant Research, which he built into the country’s largest wholly-owned network of clinical trial sites. More recently he has served as CEO of VirTrial, a ground-breaking telehealth platform provider for decentralized trials. In addition, he is the past CEO of The Society of Clinical Research Sites (SCRS). Hanley’s career positions have all supported his goal in improving access to clinical trials.

Mark has also been a consultant to numerous companies in the healthcare industry, an Independent Director of Allied Healthcare International Inc., Stratus Video, as well as ZVRS, an industry leader in communication access services, and is past Chairman of the Board at StudyKIK, a patient recruitment provider for the clinical trials sector.