Clinical Research Fastrack

2 graduates explain the benefits of the Clinical Research Fastrack program.

Now both Isis and Aarius are both working in the field within a couple weeks of finishing the program. The Clinical Research Fastrack intensive curriculum and industry connections not only prepared them to succeed, but also helped them find their first role quickly.


First, you state your name.

Hi, I’m Isis.

I’m Aarius.

And you’re just finishing the program, how was it?

It was amazing; I loved it.

Yes, we loved it. Connecting with each other, different professions all of us and it was great.

And what was your favorite thing about the class?

I think the fact that everything was broken down to us – we had opportunity to interact with our professors. It wasn’t just, you know, recited to us. We had the opportunity to ask questions and get more clarity on a lot of the subjects as related to the clinical research field so I think that was very important for me.

We got to participate – sorry – participate a lot so it was really fun and interactive.

Awesome and would you recommend it to someone?