Clinical Research Fastrack

Advancing his career!

Hear how this student loved the training at Clinical Research Fastrack and is excited and ready to enter the field of clinical research.


Hi, my name is Ben Wasserman. I have a bachelor’s and master’s from the University of Michigan. I have been working in bench research for the last seven years, most recently as a lab manager in a neurology lab. I’m looking to transition now into clinical research so I can kind of see how my preclinical studies and drug development will translate to the clinic and I really do want to kind of see to fruition that whole bench to bedside so I feel like Clinical Research Fastrack, in that regards, best place to start. I mean – I really enjoyed every part of the class but if I had to pinpoint a favorite I mean it’s definitely all the instructors I got to speak with, meet with, talk about, pick their brains. You know, like, it really was an incredible experience just to get to know all the different people from all the various different roles and backgrounds and I think that’s what I’m gonna take away most from the program.