Clinical Research Fastrack

“I Am Ready, I Have Multiple Skills From Different Experiences”

Hear how this student loved the training at Clinical Research Fastrack and is excited and ready to enter the field of clinical research.


Hi, my name is Nana Amuah, I just finished with the Clinical Research Fastrack program and before I enrolled somebody who had done the program had spoken to me, but I was wondering, “Wait do I dump my RN program and do this or do I do the RN program?” By the time I was done speaking to some of the people who are involved like the enrollment officers, I was like okay, this is it. I have a background in agriculture and this is the healthcare field so, why not? Now that I finished the program, I have discovered the adverse events, I’ve discovered the ICF, I’ve discovered the tmf, I’ve discovered a whole lot that tells me that I am ready I have multiple skills from different experiences – teaching, research, being a nursing assistant, I can apply all these in the research field. This is the real thing so, here I am, all the way. Clinical Research Fastrack, thank you so much it was an overwhelming experience and if you are ready, go for it, it is worth it, put in your very best and you’ll be good. Thank you.