Clinical Research Fastrack

“I have an adrenaline rush!”

Hear how this student loved the training at Clinical Research Fastrack and is excited and ready to enter the field of clinical research.


Hey guys, my name is Fadela, I just completed part of the Clinical Research Fastrack program in class, intensive, amazing. So I just – I feel good right now, I have an adrenaline rush so – but we just went through seven days of intense training, classes, learning about so many new things within clinical research. And I was fortunate enough to be a part of a classroom that – we were just so diverse in so many ways and so everyone brought a little bit – a little piece to the table. And, so, I was able to not only learn from not only the instructors, but also my classmates and that’s what makes this program such a unique program. So I just want to say to anyone who is looking for something to do, trying to start fresh on something, trying to start something new, I’m recommending clinical research. Please don’t be discouraged with, “Oh – I don’t have a clinical background,” It doesn’t matter what background you have. Join clinical research, it will literally open so many doors – you don’t even know it yet. So, I just want to thank everyone at clinical research for giving me the opportunity to showcase myself.