Clinical Research Fastrack

Recommend to Other Professionals in the Field

Hear how this student loved the training at Clinical Research Fastrack and is excited and ready to enter the field of clinical research.


Just tell me your name and where you work.

Okay, my name is Kathryn Weems. I work at Ventavia Research Group which is based in Fort Worth and we have different sites in Keller, Hurst, Plano, and Houston.

Excellent and how long were you at Ventavia before you came to our Fastrack training?

I was there for about six months. I was originally supposed to be placed in Houston but they wanted me to have a better understanding of how everything works, I came in with nothing, and they wanted me to do training in Fort Worth for six months and it didn’t really go too far.

Okay and then tell us about the Fastrack training, how has it been for you?

Oh, it has been amazing. Basically, this has been the best training I have ever had in my lifetime and that includes six years of college. This has been – it’s so much information being placed into you but it’s being taught in such an agreeable, positive way with such experienced clinical researchers, coordinators, monitors, everything and everyone that’s placed in clinical research that you just you get everything you need to know and then some.

Okay and would you recommend this to other professionals in the field?

One-hundred percent. I would highly suggest this if you ever have any problems with training new recruits, new people you want to be placed in clinical research but they just don’t have that kind of experience. This has been the best kind of experience for it. If you bring people from your company here to learn, they’re gonna come out being better than ever before.

Awesome and then tell us what was your favorite thing about the class?

Well, as a person that has an English Lit degree, I loved the actual portions in regards to source creation and regulatory. They brought in a really, really great regulatory specialist – and there was like a few – but you brought in like the best people that’s made me find my passion in regulatory work.

Great, thank you!