Clinical Research Fastrack

Such a Wonderful Course!

Hear how this student loved the training at Clinical Research Fastrack and is excited and ready to enter the field of clinical research.


Hi, I’m Jaimini. I have a background in pharmacy – pharmaceutical sciences – and I’m passionate about clinical research. I looked online and I wanted to learn some more about clinical research so I was looking at my different options. And I saw lots of programs and then I came across Clinical [Research] Fastrack. I didn’t know what it was and I thought I’ll explore some some more so I went to a lot of hashtags and had great things saying about them. So, I chose this program and came to Dallas and I took this course and it’s been wonderful. The instructors are real people who work in the industry and they really give you their life experiences with clinical research and also let you know where the opportunities lie and how they can – you can contribute to the different programs if you are part of them and also let you know how you can succeed in this field. And I will really recommend this program for anyone who has any background – you don’t have to be in biology or chemistry or part of research. You can be doing anything and if you come to this program, they’ll train you and by the end of the program, you will think you are a clinical researcher, ready to jump into the industry. And they do not leave you hanging after this course, they are going to follow you, hound you, whatever you say until you get a job and they really help you out. But ultimately, the responsibility lies in you because you have to be passionate and that’s what is going to bring you into this field. They are not miracle workers. You cannot sit around and say “I want to be in research.” But they give you all the tools and they have given you, throughout the week, a lot of different kinds of information and resources. So, it’s up to you to go and explore them and if you have some problem, you can always connect. They’re not going to say, “Bye-bye and we are done with the research program with you. Here’s your certificate and bye.” They are going to help you out, even after that. But ultimately it’s your responsibility and this is a great course for anyone who wants to be in clinical research.