Clinical Research Fastrack

Thao is Working in Her Dream Career in Clinical Research!

Hear how this student loved the training at Clinical Research Fastrack and is now working as a clinical research professional!


Hi, my name is Thao Phan, and I got a job as a clinical research coordinator. I’m really excited to be a CRC just because I’ve always wanted a profession where I’m continuously learning, and in clinical research you can never, ever learn enough. And not to mention now I get to work in pediatric oncology, which is the field that is broad and the treatments is always cutting edge and new so it’s always a great opportunity to learn so I’m really excited to see what this field has to offer. I want to recommend this program to somebody who is looking for a career where it is very rewarding and they’re always looking for opportunities to learn, but most importantly, I want to recommend this program to somebody who is just really looking for a profession that will never, ever stop giving. My favorite part about Clinical Research Fastrack was the externship program. All the questions I had during class, all the confusions, they were – they were really focused on answering that and then it just started making sense. So, when it came to case report forms or building source doc, in class I’m just like okay what does that mean, what does it look like? And so in my externship, I always able to see that in person and so everything just really tied together.

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