Clinical Research Fastrack

“This is for anybody who wants to grow!”

Hear how this student loved the training at Clinical Research Fastrack and is excited and ready to enter the field of clinical research.

Praise-God is now a Senior Clinical Research Coordinator/Regulatory Specialist at Parkinsons Treatment Center of Southwest Florida in Port Charlotte, FL.


Hello my name is Praise-God Ekhaesomhi. I really, really enjoyed the class. It was informative, it was, it was real. We had instructors that taught us exceptionally well. I had prior experience with – with the CRA information but couldn’t really get into it. Clinical research, that is. But this class actually put things in place. It was a puzzle that I needed – well, the pieces I needed to fit that puzzle actually came into place because of this. Will I recommend it for anybody? Yes! Anybody and everybody in every field because I don’t think this is just for anyone in the medical field – this is for anybody who wants to grow. I see the opportunities, they’re endless. So I enjoyed it – eight days of a lot of packed knowledge. But it was knowledge well worth it so I would recommend it for anybody anytime and I do definitely appreciate Clinical Fastrack for building this, this program.