Clinical Research Fastrack

Who are the teachers at Fastrack? Working Clinical Researchers!

Shawna and Marissa talk about how their learning was impacted by being taught at Fastrack by diverse perspectives within the Clinical Research industry!


Honestly, I think it’s been amazing. I think the fact that they’ve brought in so many industry professionals and not only professionals, but from all different perspectives of the clinical research field. I mean we’ve had CRAs, we’ve had coordinators, we’ve had
managers. And all of these people are so well-knowledged and been in the industry
for upwards of 20 years.

Yeah, I really like that they all gave their personal experience of how, you know, clinical research was just something that they kind of fell in and then seeing their growth that came from it and then really hitting on how much this class has given us the proper tools so that we don’t feel as lost when we do enter this field. I’m really just so profoundly impacted by the amount of knowledge they’ve given us, the – just the types of scenarios and really making me feel like I’m going to be really well prepared when I go into this field.