Clinical Research Fastrack

“You can do exactly what I did”

Amanda got a $20,000 raise after 3 months!


After I left the program, I got a job offer as a Clinical Trial Associate at Worldwide Clinical Trials and I had a goal in mind to spend six months really taking in the knowledge of what a Clinical Trial Associate was and as I started to learn and take in the knowledge I realized the Clinical Research Fastrack program really set a solid foundation for me within the industry. I knew exactly – before the training even started at Worldwide Clinical Trials – I knew exactly what I needed to do at that job. So now after only three and a half months, I got a job offer for an IRT and I’m making over twenty thousand dollars more. I really believe this is because of my Clinical Research Fastrack program experience and what they gave me from the beginning, I was able to take that with me and if you can squeeze every ounce of potential out of this program, you can do exactly what I did.