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Best Jobs in the US are in Clinical Research!

Money Magazine Rates Clinical Research Associate as the #4 Job in the Country

Demand in Research Driving up Salaries

Money Magazine rated the role of a Clinical Research Associate as one of the best jobs in the United States in 2012. In 2012 the average CRA earned $90,000 per year. In 2016 Forbes Magazine named the Senior Clinical Research Associate as the #1 High Paying Flexible Job in America.  Now in 2018 we are experiencing growth and salaries are on the rise. At a time when many of our nation’s workers are dismayed about job losses overseas, the clinical research industry continues to expand.


Demand is Soaring in this Field

Demand is soaring for these skilled workers and according to a paper by the Association of Clinical Research Professionals, more than 10,000 Clinical Research Associate positions are vacant and they are not going to be filled soon. The path to fill these roles is slow… because first the candidate needs training in the field.


The Path to Become a Clinical Research Associate

Before an individual can work as a Clinical Research Associate, they need training and job experience. The first step in landing this amazing job is to work as a Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC). CRC positions earn about $57,000 on average and provide a candidate with the skills, work experience and training they need to become a Clinical Research Associate. Clinical Research Coordinator Positions are also in demand. Young people interested in health care and research can train at Clinical Research Fastrack and be ready to start working in a matter of six weeks. For a bright young person who is excited to climb the career ladder and wants to work in a rewarding field in healthcare, this line of work is an amazing opportunity.


In 2013 Money Magazine rated Clinical Research Associate as the ninth best job in America. In that year the magazine stated that the average salary was $95,000 per year. With rewarding and meaningful work and average pay approaching six figures, and shortages as far as the eye can see, this career choice is a great option for young people interested in health care.