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$100,000 in Scholarships Offered to Students by CRF Board

Industry Shortages Drive Board Decision

Scottsdale, AZ (May 2016) – Co-Founder & Chairman, Louis Silberman announced this week that the Board of Clinical Research Fastrack will be offering scholarships to its students in the amount of $100,000 for the upcoming academic year. This initiative aims to address the growing industry shortages and provide aspiring clinical researchers with a significant opportunity to enter the multi-billion dollar research industry.

Louis Silberman emphasized the need to fill positions and attract new talent to the industry. He stated, “Now is the time to train a whole new cohort of Clinical Research Coordinators. With numerous ongoing clinical trials and current coordinators advancing into higher roles, there is a demand for training and hiring new coordinators to fill the vacant entry-level positions.”

To address this need, Clinical Research Fastrack has developed a specialized bootcamp training program. Unlike traditional college or degree programs in research, Clinical Research Fastrack offers a condensed 5-week intensive program designed to prepare students for a career as Clinical Research Coordinators. While other programs can take months or even years, Clinical Research Fastrack’s comprehensive course equips students with the necessary foundation to start working within a month. The curriculum covers various essential topics, including the informed consent process, GCP Guidelines, data management, and patient rights protection.

“We are excited to support the industry through this scholarship program, enabling us to enroll the most talented and promising students, regardless of their socio-economic status,” Silberman stated. “Our instructors are passionate and successful professionals working at top research institutions in the country. Our goal is not only to train new talent but also to foster a research community that can ultimately discover life-saving cures and enhance our quality of life.”

For further information about Clinical Research Fastrack and their scholarship program, please fill out the form below or contact them at (602) 883-7944.

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