Clinical Research Fastrack

Clinical Research Outreach Can Spark Careers

With over 50,000 job openings, clinical research is in need of more attention from the public.

If you are in clinical research, then the “research triangle” is no secret to you. However, those outside the industry may have little or no clue about the impact made on healthcare among the cities of Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Durham, North Carolina.

Here is where clinical research lives.

The research triangle is home to facing new challenges and discovering new solutions and houses some of the world’s largest clinical research organizations like IQVIA (formally Quintiles) and Pharmaceutical Product Development (PPD) as well as hundreds more. In addition the area currently has over 1200 open positions within the industry.

The development of a healthier tomorrow is being born here.

The first steps in delivering a better quality of life for future generations is through community engagement and outreach about the possibilities presented through clinical research. Raleigh Neurology Associates (RNA) is taking on this initiative in relation to neurological diseases like multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s.

Clinical Research Fastrack (CRF) is on a similar path as RNA, by aiming to educate and encourage people to seek the medical possibilities clinical research can help afford families and individuals. By further familiarizing the population with this industry: more lives can be extended through pilot treatment trials, more careers will be started, and more medical discovery will be made.

This September, CRF is heading to Raleigh to continue our mission of outreach to help people start careers in this industry of improving lives.

So you may be asking, what can CRF’s knowledge and training add to clinical research, especially in the geographic heart of the industry?

“Taking it to an educational setting to train and educate people to be future researchers increases the awareness of the industry as a whole to the masses,” said Jeannie Farnsworth, CRF Director of Outreach and Engagement. “The industry will start seeing intentional, purposeful, and better prepared talent that will enhance and expedite the clinical research process overall.”

Every person that we are able to equip with the correct tools and knowledge, and send into the industry, is one step closer to better engaging the public with the opportunities clinical research provides both professionally and personally.