Clinical Research Fastrack

Carolina C.

“Clinical Research Fastrack it is an awesome program. I stumbled upon this program after I was denied a job in the clinical research field. I though with my experience and since I was working on the same hospital it was going to be easier to get the job, but I was wrong. I then did some research because I knew I needed to do something to get more knowledge about this awesome field. I found Clinical Research Fastrack in Google, I watched their videos, and I gave them a call. For the first moment I talked to one of the advisors I felt their enthusiasm and dedication to help others. They answered all my questions and without hesitation on a blink of an eye I was enroll and ready to start. I am so happy I took this new challenge because I have learned so much and I met so many incredible people that are passionate about this field. They will guide you, support you and show you the ropes of clinical research. When I finished the 80 hrs. in class training it gave me the confidence enough to reach out the Clinical Research director at three hospital I worked for and I told her about my experience and what I just learned at clinical research Fastrack. she pulled my resume from the position I was denied before. I interviewed with her and I got the position I had applied before!!! This program its excellent in teaching you all about Clinical Research. If you are thinking in getting in this amazing career and need some guidance and push, take this program you wont regret it. You will feel well prepared to take on a roll in Clinical Research and help others have a better quality of life, plus you will gain mentors and friends that will last for the rest of your career.”