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Reinventing Education – Bootcamp Style

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, 29 July 2019- Louis and David Silberman were fortunate to have their college education paid for by their parents! It was an incredible gift to receive the jumpstart that society tells us we need to be successful. How lucky were they! Well… When graduation day arrived, the Silbermans’ had a quick realization that no one was throwing jobs their way. Louis said, “IfI can’t find a job, I willjust move to the Caribbean and teach tennis.” David, whose passion is Public Health, could only find jobs serving in restaurants and coaching youth soccer. He then graduated with a prestigious Public Health degree from UCLA. He still couldn’t find a job in his field…

After many years of unrewarding jobs, the brothers started an entrepreneurial venture into education. They said “What if we reinvent the education system and create a “bootcamp style” training that would lead to jobs for students?” Could it be possible with just a few weeks ofintensive training and less than $10,000, they could prepare students for a meaningful career?

Their first education business was born in 2003 called National Laser Institute. They not only pioneered the
marketplace for Medical Aesthetics education, but also created one of the first “bootcamp style” programs in the country. They became the first Medical Aesthetics training program in the state of Arizona to be approved by the Post Secondary Educational Board. After growing the business nationwide and building a brand comparable to Harvard, the Silberman brothers decided to prove their business model was not a one time stroke of luck.

The Silberman brothers became aware through a great friend, who built the country’s largest clinical trial site
company holding studies at physicians offices, that there was a huge need for well-trained Clinical Research
Coordinators to run these studies. Their friend stated, “What was taught at a college level had minimal value in the real world.” They also realized those who spent 4 years in college that obtained not only a healthcare major, but also a 2 year masters degree in research, were struggling to find jobs!

In June of 2016, they launched Clinical Research Fastrack. A training program that took the 165 hours of education and increased it to 228 hours that can be completed in just four weeks. This hybrid model of online and classroom training includes clinical researchers who currently run studies at prestigious organizations nationwide. Fastrack also includes a two week internship observing studies at over 100 trial sites nationwide. The most exciting point of difference for Fastrack was creating a job assistance program to help students land jobs. The real value the brothers are giving is world class training to future Clinical Research Coordinators.

Future drug studies will have more qualified individuals running the studies, which in turn willimprove efficiency and allow FDA approvals to happen faster thus helping improve the quality of people’s lives.
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