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Spotlight on Excellence: Lauren Stockwell’s Impactful Contributions to Clinical Research

Clinical Research Fastrack is proud of our team’s dedication to advancing the field of clinical research. Today, we shine the spotlight on Lauren Stockwell, our esteemed, energetic Director of Outreach and Engagement, whose recent contributions have left an indelible mark on the industry.

In the past few months, Lauren has been a prominent presence at several key conferences and summits, where she has shared her expertise and insights on critical topics shaping the clinical research landscape.

In April, Lauren attended the SCRS IncluDE & Oncology Summit in Atlanta, where she led a thought-provoking discussion on the “Impact of Diverse Clinical Research Teams on Patient Inclusion.” Her presentation was characterized by its solution-focused approach, emphasizing the importance of diversity of workforce in driving patient-centric research practices.

Following this, Lauren joined the WCG MAGI conference in New Orleans, where she participated in a workshop on “Project Management Tools and Tactics.” For this serious topic of Project Management, Lauren brought creativity and humor to the workshop. With her colleagues, she developed a Barbie-themed presentation and embodied the role of “Weird Barbie,” bringing her unique perspective to the discussion and captivating the audience with her dynamic personality and innovative spirit.

Most recently, Lauren graced the ACRP 2024 conference in Anaheim, where she presented on “Building and Maintaining Your Team in the Middle of a Talent War.” Her session offered invaluable insights into navigating the challenges of talent acquisition and retention in the clinical research industry, earning accolades from attendees for its practical wisdom and actionable strategies.

We also celebrate Lauren’s recognition with the “Summit Spirit Award” at the SCRS Global Site Solutions Summit conference late last year. This prestigious accolade was a testament to Lauren’s unwavering positive attitude and commitment to excellence, qualities that continue to inspire and motivate our team every day.

Speaking at conferences and connecting with industry leaders around the nation has elevated Clinical Research Fastrack students in the eyes of employers, and in her role, Lauren has been instrumental in bridging the talent gaps of CROs and clinical research sites, introducing innovative strategies to identify and retain top talent in the industry. Through her efforts, Lauren has established herself as a key advocate for fostering collaboration and driving excellence in clinical research.

As we reflect on Lauren’s remarkable achievements and contributions to the field of clinical research, we extend our heartfelt appreciation for her leadership, dedication, and unwavering spirit. Lauren’s passion for driving positive change and fostering collaboration underscores our shared commitment to advancing patient-centric research practices and shaping a brighter future for healthcare.