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Lauren Stockwell Shines at Research Revolution Live: Paving the Way for Strong Clinical Research Teams

In the dynamic world of clinical research, building a strong, knowledgeable team is key to driving innovation and breakthroughs. At the Research Revolution Live event on November 16, Lauren Stockwell, the Director of Outreach and Support at Clinical Research Fastrack, shared her insights as a panelist in a session titled “Attracting, Building, and Certifying a Strong Clinical Research Program and Workforce.”

The session, aimed at uncovering the secrets behind crafting a robust research workforce, saw Stockwell joined by notable industry leaders such as Catherine Gregor the Chief Clinical Trial Officer from Florence Healthcare, Amy Overby, the Senior Director in Clinical Research from Emory University’s Winship Cancer Institute, Lauren Gledhill, The Director of of Clinical Trial Partnerships at GCSA, and Susan Landis, Executive Director of ACRP. Together, they delved into strategies for fostering a collaborative and skilled clinical research environment.

The Essence of Collaboration and Skill Development

Stockwell emphasized the importance of training and education as the foundations for a collaborative research setting. She highlighted how the programs designed at Clinical Research Fastrack not only impart critical knowledge but also focus on evolving the skills of their participants. This approach ensures that the workforce remains agile and competent in an ever-changing landscape. By promoting a culture of continuous learning, Clinical Research Fastrack ensures its workforce stays at the forefront of the industry.

The session also explored the nurturing of future leaders in clinical research. Stockwell spoke about holistic training programs that equip budding researchers with not just technical expertise but also the networking possibilities that lead to effective collaboration and leadership. It is this approach that allows newcomers to the field to take advantage of the abundance of job opportunities while integrating themselves into a dynamic industry.

Addressing the Demand for Clinical Research Professionals

Stockwell highlighted the growing demand for various roles within clinical research, including associates, coordinators, data managers, clinical nurses, research scientists, and biostatisticians. She pointed out the current industry challenge – the shrinking pool of clinical research professionals. With so many chances to make a difference in healthcare, the need for a broad-based hiring approach is more critical than ever.

The increasing complexity of clinical trials and the fierce competition among pharmaceutical companies are other factors driving the need for skilled professionals. In response, organizations are increasingly turning to service providers like Clinical Research Fastrack for staffing solutions that offer both top talent and operational flexibility.

Stockwell’s participation in Research Revolution Live underscores Clinical Research Fastrack’s commitment to addressing these industry challenges. By equipping professionals with the necessary skills and fostering a collaborative environment, Clinical Research Fastrack is at the forefront of shaping a competent and dynamic clinical research workforce.