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Navigating the Clinical Research Landscape: The Vital Role of Career Guidance

Career Guidance

The journey into the dynamic and ever-evolving world of clinical research is as exhilarating as it is challenging. For aspiring professionals, the path is filled with opportunities, but it can also be daunting due to its complexity and competitiveness. This is where the significance of career guidance becomes imperative, particularly the kind provided by institutions … Read more

Career Paths in Clinical Research: Exploring Diverse Opportunities

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Clinical research is a dynamic and rapidly evolving field, offering a plethora of career paths for those interested in contributing to the advancement of medical knowledge and patient care. At Clinical Research Fastrack, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive training that equips our students for success in various roles within this exciting industry. Here, we … Read more

Lauren Stockwell Shines at Research Revolution Live: Paving the Way for Strong Clinical Research Teams

In the dynamic world of clinical research, building a strong, knowledgeable team is key to driving innovation and breakthroughs. At the Research Revolution Live event on November 16, Lauren Stockwell, the Director of Outreach and Support at Clinical Research Fastrack, shared her insights as a panelist in a session titled “Attracting, Building, and Certifying a … Read more

Lauren Stockwell featured in a new podcast by SCRS Talks!

In the dynamic world of clinical research, staying ahead of the curve requires not only dedication but also a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that arise. It’s no surprise that industry experts, like Lauren Stockwell, are sought after to share their insights and expertise. Recently, Stockwell, our Director of Outreach & Engagement, took … Read more

Seamlessly Transitioning: From Medical Assistant to Clinical Research Professional

The journey of a career transition can be both exciting and daunting. For medical assistants seeking a change of scenery and a new challenge, venturing into the world of clinical research might just be the perfect pivot. With Clinical Research Fastrack, this transition has never been more seamless and promising.  Medical assistants can transform their … Read more

Alcanza and Clinical Research Fastrack announce recipients of scholarship honoring Juneteenth.

BOSTON, M.A.  ̶  Alcanza Clinical Research, a mission-driven investigator site network and Clinical Research Fastrack, announce the Juneteenth scholarship recipients for an upcoming cohort of Clinical Research Fastrack Bootcamp Training Program, a highly intensive, accelerated course that prepares entry-level professionals for clinical research. The scholarship program is funded by Alcanza and scholarships are awarded to … Read more

Overcoming Adversity in the First SIV – A Guide to Thriving as a CRA

After my first SIV, I was very concerned that my career in clinical research was on the line. How could I have failed so miserably? The SIV was poorly completed, from preparation through execution, and was an abject embarrassment. The only positive aspect was that it provided an invaluable perspective on the importance of adequate … Read more

Alcanza Commemorates Juneteenth with Scholarship Program

  BOSTON, M.A. – June 06 2023 – As part of its mission to expand diversity and inclusion in clinical research, Alcanza Clinical Research announces funding and mentorship to support African American individuals pursuing clinical research careers, and drive broader representation in the workforce. For the second consecutive year in recognition of Juneteenth 2022, the … Read more

Clinical Research Associate(CRA): Day in the life

There is nothing more exciting to a new Clinical Research Associate (CRA) than the first independent on-site monitoring visit, for it is an enormous accomplishment demonstrative of organizational trust in the CRAs judgement, monitoring proficiency, and critical thinking. A fitting baseball metaphor describes it perfectly; it is like being called from the minor leagues to … Read more

Explore the Booming Industry of Clinical Research: A Pathway to Professional Success

In recent years, the field of clinical research has witnessed a remarkable surge in growth and opportunities, making it an appealing career choice for young graduates, aspiring professionals, and those seeking a career switch. The dynamic nature of this industry, combined with the increasing demand for advancements in healthcare, has created a fertile ground for … Read more