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Navigating the Clinical Research Landscape: The Vital Role of Career Guidance

Career Guidance

The journey into the dynamic and ever-evolving world of clinical research is as exhilarating as it is challenging. For aspiring professionals, the path is filled with opportunities, but it can also be daunting due to its complexity and competitiveness. This is where the significance of career guidance becomes imperative, particularly the kind provided by institutions … Read more

Overcoming Adversity in the First SIV – A Guide to Thriving as a CRA

After my first SIV, I was very concerned that my career in clinical research was on the line. How could I have failed so miserably? The SIV was poorly completed, from preparation through execution, and was an abject embarrassment. The only positive aspect was that it provided an invaluable perspective on the importance of adequate … Read more

Clinical Research Associate(CRA): Day in the life

There is nothing more exciting to a new Clinical Research Associate (CRA) than the first independent on-site monitoring visit, for it is an enormous accomplishment demonstrative of organizational trust in the CRAs judgement, monitoring proficiency, and critical thinking. A fitting baseball metaphor describes it perfectly; it is like being called from the minor leagues to … Read more

Explore the Booming Industry of Clinical Research: A Pathway to Professional Success

In recent years, the field of clinical research has witnessed a remarkable surge in growth and opportunities, making it an appealing career choice for young graduates, aspiring professionals, and those seeking a career switch. The dynamic nature of this industry, combined with the increasing demand for advancements in healthcare, has created a fertile ground for … Read more

Day in the Life of a CRC

Clinical Research Coordinators (CRCs) are an integral part of the Clinical Research team, responsible for managing the day-to-day activities of clinical trials. Their role involves overseeing study participants, ensuring that study protocols are followed, and maintaining accurate records. CRCs play a critical role in ensuring that clinical trials are conducted ethically and in compliance with … Read more

Growth Opportunities Available for Healthcare Workers in Clinical Research.

Medical advances continue to influence the healthcare landscape, and Clinical Research continues to play an increasingly important role in developing treatments and therapies. There is a constant need for skilled professionals in this dynamic industry, giving those looking to advance their careers numerous opportunities.  The number of registered trials (on the global registry for … Read more

What Experience Do I Need to Work in Clinical Research?

Clinical research is a field that holds tremendous promise for those who want to make a real difference in the world of medicine. Whether you’re interested in developing new treatments, finding cures for diseases, or improving patient outcomes, clinical research is a vital part of the process. However, breaking into this field can be challenging, … Read more

Common Myths About Clinical Research.

Imagine a world without clinical research – a world where new treatments and therapies are never tested, and medical advancements grind to a halt. It’s a bleak and terrifying thought, yet many people hold misconceptions and myths about clinical research that can hinder progress and prevent breakthroughs from being made. Debunking these myths is essential … Read more

Transitioning to Clinical Research from a Different Field: Tips for Making a Successful Change.

Interested in a career in clinical research but come from a different background? Transitioning to clinical research may seem daunting, but it is not only possible, at Clinical Research Fastrack, we make it practical and accessible. Clinical research offers a variety of opportunities for professionals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets. A successful transition to clinical … Read more

Top Job Opportunities in Clinical Research.

Do you have a natural curiosity and a desire to make a positive impact in healthcare? Clinical research is a growing field where you can be on the cutting edge of medical advancement! Clinical research involves testing and evaluating new treatments, therapies, and medical devices, and the results of these studies are shaping the future … Read more

What Are the Qualities that Make a Strong Clinical Researcher?

Clinical research is the unsung hero of medical science. Behind every groundbreaking discovery, countless clinical researchers are working diligently in labs and hospitals across the world. Yet not all clinical researchers are created equal. Some possess the key qualities that make them excel in this field, while others fall short. In this blog, we’ll take … Read more

The Importance of Soft Skills in Clinical Research: Communication, Collaboration, and Leadership

Clinical research involves complex scientific processes, rigorous regulations, and critical decision-making. However, it is not just technical expertise and knowledge that make a successful clinical researcher. In fact, soft skills, such as communication, collaboration, and leadership, play a crucial role in ensuring the success of clinical trials.  Effective communication can prevent misunderstandings, while collaboration brings … Read more

Challenges and Risks for Launching Decentralized Trials

Picture this – conducting clinical trials in your participant’s home, eliminating their need for travel and long wait times. Decentralized Trials, also known as remote trials, are changing the face of Clinical Research by using technology and remote monitoring to conduct trials outside of traditional settings. With its numerous advantages, such as patient convenience, increased … Read more

Diversifying the Clinical Research Field: How We Can Help Provide Solutions

Advancing medical knowledge and improving patient care are critical functions of Clinical Research. However, the lack of diversity historically in clinical trials has hampered our ability to find the most effective treatments. This lack of diversity can result in biased research that doesn’t accurately represent all populations, leading to disparities in available care. In this … Read more

The Rise of AI in Clinical Research

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized many industries, including healthcare. The use of AI can facilitate collaboration and data sharing among researchers, leading to faster and more effective discoveries. And with any new technology we face  challenges and limitations associated with integrating AI in clinical research, including data privacy and security, lack of standardization, and algorithm … Read more

Clinical Trial Participant Recruitment and Retention Tips.

Clinical trials are the backbone of modern medicine, giving us the opportunity to test new treatments and find better ways to prevent and cure diseases. However, one of the biggest challenges in conducting clinical trials is finding enough eligible individuals to participate and keeping them engaged throughout the study. This is where participant recruitment and … Read more

Staffing Shortages Drive Delays in Clinical Research Trials.

Clinical Research trials play a crucial role in the development and approval of new medical treatments. However, staffing shortages are significantly impacting the timeline and success of these trials. With a limited pool of qualified professionals, such as Clinical Research coordinators and investigators, delays are occurring in recruitment, data collection, and overall study progression.  These … Read more

What’s New in Clinical Research: Emerging Trends and Technologies.

Clinical Research plays a crucial role in advancing medical knowledge and improving patient outcomes. Through clinical trials, healthcare professionals help test new treatments, drugs, medical devices, and therapies in humans to gather data that will help them better understand diseases, develop more effective treatments, and improve patient care. This blog post aims to provide an … Read more

The Rise of Home Diagnostics: A Game-Changer in Healthcare & Clinical Research!

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, and with the advent of new treatments, technologies, and new therapeutics, it’s becoming easier for individuals to take control of their health. One of the fastest-growing areas in healthcare today is home diagnostics. With the rise of telemedicine and the increasing affordability of home diagnostic devices, patients can now … Read more

There’s More to Clinical Research Than Lab Research.

It is common to think that clinical research occurs exclusively in labs where scientists perform experiments using test tubes and Petri dishes. Clinical Research is a field where we are testing new treatments, drugs, devices and therapies in humans. And while lab work can be one component, Clinical Research goes far beyond laboratory work. From … Read more

What is Clinical Research?

Clinical Research is an exciting field that assesses the safety and effectiveness of new treatments, interventions, and technologies in humans. Across the United States and across the globe we are driving medical knowledge forward by bringing new therapies to market in the clinical research industry. The development of innovative and improved treatments depends on this … Read more

Female Innovators: Lauren Ballina Chang

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. ~ Margaret Mead Medical innovation is finding new treatments that are nothing short of miraculous. While new scientific discoveries are heralded as amazing efforts by heroic individuals, it’s the soldiers behind the … Read more

What do you need to get hired in Clinical Research?

As a rapidly growing and diverse sector of healthcare, the Clinical Research industry is where leading minds are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in science and medicine. Roles in Clinical Research continue to open across the country, and the number of available careers in this industry is rising at a rapid rate. Anyone looking … Read more