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Clinical Research Fastrack Partners With Aventiv Research

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, May 30, 2019 – Clinical Research Fastrack is proud to publicly announce its continuing
partnership with Aventiv Research. Aventiv was founded in 2007 by Dr. Samir Arora and has since grown
to have a staff of over 10 research coordinators, two full-time recruitment coordinators, and five
research assistants and data specialists. Aventiv now has multiple locations in Ohio, as well as
locations in Pennsylvania and Arizona. Aventiv has also developed partnerships with many local
practices in a variety offields, including urology, dermatology, and pediatrics. Aventiv is powered by its
mission to make the world a better place through providing access to innovative healthcare and data.

“We are so pleased to be able to work with a company as passionate as we are, and to bring about change in the workforce of Clinical Research. As Aventiv continues to grow, Fastrack contributes to their company success and expansion through research-ready talent. Theymentor our students through internship, but they also hire our students asseen fit for their company. Everybody wins!” Said David Silberman, CEO and CoFounder of Clinical Research Fastrack.

When asked about Aventiv’s partnership with Clinical Research Fastrack, Dr. Arora said that “Clinical
Research Fastrack provides us with properly trained people who are committed to clinical research and are
willing to stay after the internship is over.” He continued by saying that, “This partnership saves us time and
efficiency during the hiring process.” Indeed, Dr. Arora has found Aventiv’s partnership with Clinical
Research Fastrack helpful because of the “highly specialized requirements” of the industry

Chelsea Hughes, a Clinical Research Fastrack graduate now employed at Aventiv, echoed this. Hughes
said that Clinical Research Fastrack benefited her because she went into the program not knowing
clinical research terminology, but came out, “Being able to tell you the difference between Phase I, II, III,
and IV trials, what the IRB does, what source documents are, what goesin the regulatory binders, the full
ICF consent process andmore!” Hughes also mentioned that she found the career services that Clinical
Research Fastrack provided her incredibly helpful, noting that she was initially nervous about finding
job opportunities because she came from a smaller town.

“The solid relationship Fastrack hasin place with Aventiv isfurther strengthened every time an intern is
sent to learn fromtheir expertise. Employees who get hired there are retained, and they add tremendous
value to the Clinical Research field overall. I even had amonitor fromtheir Mesa site exclaimthat they
can’t believe such a new employee can know somuch in such a short amount of time. One CRA calledme to
askme how Fastrack can help their other sites!” explained, Jeannie Farnsworth, Director of Outreach
and Engagement at Clinical Research Fastrack.

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